The Yoga of the Christ
    The Sequel to "Beyond the Himalayas". This book covers the later part of the authors travels
    and experiences in Tibet (1936-7)  

    "I have written this book mostly for the purpose of revealing the false, and only by knowing the
    false can you realise the true. Then the Truth will set you free"
The Christ Yoga is Christ Consciousness and is beyond all other Yoga. The Christ Yoga is
Freedom, and without freedom there is no Christ Consciousness---there is merely the self
which is burdened with system, with knowledge, with technique.
It will be seen, as we progress, that desire and search have their opposites, their
resistance. All desires and searching are but an extension of the self, which is not the Real. The
Christ Yoga is to understand all that is hiding the Real---the Christ. Therefore it is entirely
different from all other types of Yoga, which are merely systems which demand a searching in
which there is no finding. Thus “becoming” is an illusion. Reality is NOW.
Now it is important to bear in mind that there is difficulty in understanding that which is
new---ever-renewing. We can understand what the mind is made up of, but it is what the mind
is made up of that causes all the resistance to the new, to the Real.
So in reading this book it is essential to read it aloud and listen as if you were listening
to someone else without resistance, without prejudice, and only in this way can the mind know
itself with all its opposites, its beliefs, and fabrications.
What I am going to say now is very important for you who are embarking on the road
to Freedom---the Christ Yoga.
Most people listen casually; they only hear what they want to hear---they shut
themselves off from what is penetrating or disturbing their conditioning, their beliefs, their
opinions. They listen only to the things that are pleasureable, satisfying their own conditioning.
But there can be no real understanding if we listen only to those things that soothe us,
that gratify or confirm our beliefs, our ideas. It is an art to listen to everything without
prejudice, with-out building up defences to protect our ignorance, our confirmed beliefs, our
original knowledge, our particular idiosyncrasies and our own points of view, and listen to find
out the truth of the matter. For it is only the truth that fundamentally frees us---not conclusions
or speculations, but the perception of what is not true. What the mind is made up of is not
Truth; the Truth is beyond mind, so the mind must cease to formulate before Truth is revealed.
The truth of the matter can never be revealed to a mind that is narrow, bigoted,
conditioned with beliefs and knowledge that is binding and blinding.
The Christ Yoga is impossible to anyone who approaches it with a mind that is cluttered
with private conclusions, prejudices and experiences. The Christ Yoga is the Love, the
Wisdom of God---the Christ free and active, not merely an idea of It, which is a hindrance to
Its Creativeness. An idea is but the projection of the self with all its conditioning surrounding
So, when listening, do not merely listen to the word but to the inward content of it, and
thus you will discover the truth of the matter for yourself. When the mind is freed from its own
formulations, only then is Truth uncovered.
When you are caught up in your daily struggles, in your fears, in your business
worries, family quarrels, social enmities and frustrations, these may be too much for you. So
you pursue the so-called Truth as a means of relief, but this form of escape can never solve any
problem; it only dulls the mind while the confusion remains. As long as the mind is trying to