LECTURE  1

           THIS Course of Healing we will divide into three parts: Spiritual, Mental
    and Physical;
                                           Spiritual Laws,
                                           Mental Laws and
                                           Natural Laws.
           There is much to understand and learn in the art of healing, but when
    you acquire the knowledge which gives you the foundation and confidence
    required in healing, you will soon be able to help yourself and others. With
    this knowledge there is no reason why you should not be able to heal and,
    often, instantaneously. The main thing in healing is to know the Truth. The
    Divine Spirit in man is inexhaustible and infallible, and is perfect. It is
    expressing itself continuously; it does not have to be urged. We have only to
    believe in it and it comes forth of its own accord.
           The majority of people malpractice themselves and others; what I mean
    by malpracticing is that when they see any person suffering from any
    particular disease, they think or say, “How terrible! You must be suffering so
    badly,” and they see the trouble as incurable, often condemning the sufferer
    to death by thinking that person is going to die. It is these thoughts and
    I call malpracticing. Whenever you see the Truth, the Reality in the
    individual, you bring the Spiritual Power into operation, knowing the fact that
    all are Divine in nature. You must realise and recognise the great Cosmic
    Power, and with the awareness of being one with the Cosmic Power you will
    then see no flaw in its creation. Its creation is perfect; flaws are brought
    about by the ignorance of the mortal or personal mind which has nothing to
    do with the creation of the body. When you recognise this Truth you will not
    malpractice on yourself or others. To see the Divine Principle in action is to a
    great extent the fundamental principle underlying all healing, no matter what
    method is used.