LECTURE  1

    General—What is Disease?—The Power of the Vital Force—The
    Digestive Organs and their Functions—Intestinal Management—The Cause of
    Dyspepsia—Digestion and Absorption—The Blood and Its Work in the Body—A World-
    beater for Health.

    The majority of people do not obey the natural laws, simply because they do not
    realise how important these are. When we realise the necessity of doing certain things
    we do them.
           You are the immortal “I” that lives in the body; it is the consciousness of your own
    reality that enables you to control the functions of your organism. If you think your body
    is you, then you cannot control it because you become one with its
    errors, its negative condition. But if you stand apart and know that your body is the
    instrument, then you can use it; you can also make it work perfectly. The body is like a
    suit of clothes which the spirit puts on and casts off when finished with. Therefore I
    want you to know the body for what it is, and not to be deceived by the belief that it is
    the real man. The body is the instrument in which the Spirit manifests and works. It is
    really the Temple of the Spirit and, being the Temple of the Spirit, it requires care and
    development. An unhealthy body prevents the proper functioning of your mind; it
    becomes a poor instrument for the Spirit to use. Your body should be under perfect
    control and should respond immediately to the Master Mind.
           Thus it is necessary for you to carry out the instructions that are to follow. Throw
    your mind into the work and develop not only your muscles but also every organ and
    cell in your body, and it will respond to the tune of the Universe. The Universe is
    harmonious, and harmony is the perfect foundation of your body. This harmony is
    brought into action by your awareness of it; and by the fulfilling of the natural laws your
    health is restored and maintained. Some people say that we have not got a body, but
    such a statement is metaphysics run wild, confusing the whole issue.