AND BODY
Description given by Miss I. Bagot-Smith


IN the spring of 1948 a series of talks was given in Johannesburg to those who were chosen to hear
them, this was a unique and unforgettable experience. No one who heard them could ever be the
same again. They were hours of the highest spiritual growth and understanding. It was as though a
veil were torn from our eyes and we could see clearly. The veritable presence of the Master
became so strong a reality to us that it has never faded but grown in intensity and vividness. And
always, since that time, when we lift our minds to spiritual things, suddenly we know the Master is
beside us, the Power of the Father is within and all is well.
It was not the actual words that made these lectures so amazing; it was the way they were delivered.
The words themselves will ring in our memories forever, but the greatest Truth was shown to us
without words, and no description could ever convey the tremendous force of the Presence of the
Master, and, through him, the Love of the Father—a distinct evidence more real than anything
physical around us.
As the lecturer entered, he was the kindly, smiling man we all knew so well. After a pause of silence,
he seemed to breathe himself out of his body in a sudden gasp, leaving it swaying and without
control. Then suddenly an amazing change took place: a short, sharp intake of breath and the very
Master was present, in the same body, but utterly different. We knew perfectly well that the lecturer
was still the man we had all known and respected for years, but at the same time he was someone
completely different. The change was so startling that our benumbed senses could scarcely credit
it. But at the same time it was true, and we knew it was true. The man before us now appeared
unusually tall, much taller than the lecturer himself. Words cannot tell the strength of this
astounding truth—but it was so. We were forced to believe it beyond the evidence of our ordinary
Here now before us was a man, commanding of aspect, austere and of great authority, with brilliant
eyes and an assurance of power. Straight and tall he stood before us and with deep solemnity he
pronounced his regular greeting:—

“My peace I bring to you.”

As the speaker progressed and we became more understanding, the greeting changed to “My
peace and my love I bring to you,” “My peace and my blessings I bring to you.”
The blessing was given with the two first fingers of the right hand raised in the manner of a king,
and low our hearts bowed before its majesty.
A quietness spread through the hall: a vibrating power like a stream of warmth passed through our
bodies, burning wherever any part was imperfect and healing as it flowed.
As one talk followed the other, we could feel our own
vibrations raised and our understanding clarified and lifted to a plane far beyond our everyday life.
In dawning comprehension we listened to truths greater than any we had ever heard, and yet—to
our wondering astonishment—we realised they were the same statements we had heard and read
since infancy. But only now did we understand their meaning. Suddenly the lightning truth flashed
into our minds and at last we knew the power of what the Master had first said so many years ago.
And then his truths became, for us, Reality, part of our very being, to be held precious in a golden
silence from now on into Eternity.
Each word fell deliberately, with never a moment of hesitation, almost like drops of water or jewels
falling one after another into the pool of silence deep around us. Each sentence was of perfect
construction, spoken effortlessly and with no pause for thought.
Gradually we came to know quite simply and without wonder that we were not the only people
present. Among us were those whom we loved, who had passed on ahead, while beyond them, in
ever-widening circles, ranged thousands of higher entities.
The Master would address us all together and then, in regard to the deeper things of life, we would
be given just what each could grasp. We in earthly bodies were addressed as “You of mortal
sense,” while the Master would raise his eyes and speak directly to those who had lately passed on
as to minds who had gained in breadth of perception, who now knew the joy of a plane more
spiritual and lovely and infinitely free. And then in awe we listened while the Master spoke to those
who had more nearly approached his highest perfection. High above us we felt them, and far behind
us, row upon row; but no one moved or turned a head as our eyes were held by the Master. Our
bodies had long since faded from our senses—they were simply in abeyance, glued into immobility,
as it were, and it would take a definite effort to move them in any way.
The Master would bless us each in turn, first us “of mortal sense” and then the Spirits advanced so
high above us, and his voice would warm to their greater perception. In us he perceived
a rooted sense of separation, in them a unity that was a relief and a joy to him. How small we felt—
how utterly unworthy!—tiny, lowly people, almost infants, reaching up uncomprehending hands to
what was still a mystery. But gradually we grew in the stature of our own minds and our own self-
respect. In daily life we found ourselves leading where before we had stepped diffidently back—our
voice came with unexpected assurance and authority. We too seemed to grow taller and to tread
more lightly as if the spirit—self were growing stronger than the physical self.
Some of us saw glorious colours behind the lecturer: waves of purple and gold so glowing that it
almost hurt the eyes. To some a slantwise cross was visible, to some a thick shaft of brilliant white
light pouring into the top of his head, while many saw the long red-gold hair and beard, while
heavenly music and bells were heard in the background as he spoke. It became increasingly clear
to us that the Master had come to give us his age-old message: “I come to show you the Father.”
How often we had heard it before, but with blinded senses. Now we began to understand.
We learnt of the Master Jesus, himself a man as we were, highly sensitive, developed, perceiving,
aware, as we were not, of the wonder of the Christ within, the Son of the Living God. He and the
Christ and his Father were one Being. Of himself he could do nothing; but, identified with the Christ,
one with the Father, he could do all things and have dominion over all things.
As the talks commenced, his voice was always grave and austere, as from a distance, sure and firm
as a great leader speaking
to followers searching for knowledge. But, as he talked, his voice warmed to us, his eyes shone with
lovingness, his delight in our response and in the understanding of his Spirit.
The listeners grew more and more. And now and then, in speaking of the Father; he would be
overcome with his own emotion of the love so aroused. His voice would fade away and, entirely
forgetful of us, suddenly he would so lose himself in the Love of the Father that it was as though an
actual Being were between us. He spoke to one much nearer than we were: to someone so close as
to be “ nearer than breathing.” He would stand wrapped in the glory of the Godhead. He would
murmur directly to his Father. Sometimes we heard the words, “Father, I love Thee, I love Thee, and
I love those that Thou hast given me—Thy children. I thank Thee for them.” In the pause his face
was lit with a love of ineffable tenderness; a light of pure ecstasy transfigured his features, almost
blinding in its intensity; our eyes could not bear the brilliance that shone from his face. It was as
though he had entered into some holy Temple of Love such as we could not comprehend. In awe
we gazed—the Presence of the Father so strong, so tangible, so vivid, as to be far more real than
the people around us. They faded; he was there strong, powerful, in glory beyond glory.        
And we too began to know the Father—an actively loving Being: no mere passive Godhead but a
Father, powerful in guidance, in achieving all the Son could wish, a loving Father with arms around
him, sheltering him in an ecstasy of peace.
A love shone through his presence, embracing all of us, impartially, universally, forcing us to realise
the Truth as a Truth real beyond anything that could be touched or seen—the Truth of the
Presence of God—a loving, active, positive, dynamic Father,
a silent partner, at our shoulder always, a God who traveled home with us, came in at the gate with
us, protecting us, so that for evermore no fear would enter into our homes or lives. The Love of the
Father became an unmistakable reality. No words of the Master gave us that realisation; it was his
own intense, burning, joyful love of the Father, that forced this knowledge upon us. And, because of
this belonging to the Father, the Son was filled with a peace and a glory of happiness that was
eternal and infinite.
And as he ascended again to his Father, he called us his disciples and he left with us his assurance:

“My peace and my love, my blessings, I leave with you to remain with you.”

At the time we felt that that was the end, and we longed for the wonder of the talks over again. But
twice more he came, with a space of several months between.
At these times he spoke differently, bidding us search our hearts to see how much we had
progressed along the path of Love that he had shown us. He asked us: “Is your faith so great that
now you too could walk upon the water?” And again, “Does your love for the Father order all your
thoughts and deeds?” “Do you live in love to the exclusion of all else?”
How deeply shamed we felt at the little we had done, and how unworthy we knew ourselves to be of
the honour of his coming.

*        *        *        *        *

The speaker continues to lecture week by week and often the Master, quite visibly, takes over his
body for an amazing moment, just at the end to give us his solemn blessing. The transfiguration is
complete, with gown, face, beard and hair showing through the brilliant light around him,

“My love and my peace remain with you.”

So that, in daily life, we know that the Master is beside us, and reverently we tread the earth, we
whom he called his disciples, with the sure knowledge, in our hearts, of the undying Christ, alive and
present in the world today.

Mrs. Patterson says:
“Words are inadequate to express what I saw and felt when our Master spoke to us through the
Doctor. For a few seconds I was aware of a silence, unlike anything I had ever experienced; it
seemed that I was suddenly transported into another world. Then I saw the whole outline of the
Doctor’s body change; his face took on quite a different expression and beams of light radiated
from him. The face of the Master showed up clearly.
“The auditorium was charged with Power and Light.
“ At the time I did not realise it, but a great change took place within myself. I was left with a deep
feeling of security in a Living Christ, which is everything to me.”

Mrs. Gilbert, a medium who travelled the world, states:
“I have been a medium for over thirty years, but I have never witnessed anything like I saw with the
transfiguration of the Master. The Light that shone from him was so great that I had to close my
eyes. I have never heard music so clearly before. The Auditorium was filled with those who had
gone on before us. What joy it was to listen to the voice that was clear, distinct, without a flaw or an
error, for over an hour. No human being could be capable of such oratory.”

Misses S. A. and E. A. Arnott say:
“The greatest thing in our lives has happened that the Master showed himself. His face clearly
shone forth, bright blue eyes, with reddish auburn beard and hair down to his shoulders. The light
that shone from him was more than our eyes could stand. Then we got accustomed to the brilliant
light and could watch every movement. It was a thrilling experience we will never forget. His words
were perfectly formed and not a pause or a mistake did He make for over an hour. It was this that
amazed us most. The form of the Doctor grew a few inches as the Master overshadowed him. This
was the first experience we ever had in transfiguration, although we had heard much about it.”

Mr. A. Thomas states:
“I am a most practical and critical person, being an engineer.
I was always doubtful about what others saw and heard, and although I have read much on the
subject of mediumship I was not convinced. But when I saw with my own eyes a light so bright that I
had to close them, for it was some time before I could accustom my sight to the brilliance, then to
see the face that is so familiar in many pictures of the Master, I was convinced that it was true. The
Master’s voice and speech were more than perfect. It is doubtful if any human being could perform
such oratory.
“Although the Doctor is a good speaker I know he could not perform such a feat. My wife and her
mother attended these talks and they also saw and heard the same as I did.”

All present have testified in one way or another to the wonderful experiences they had during, these
talks by the Master.