Lecture 6        (14th September 1948)


It is very important that these lectures remain closed for this series. Quite a number of people have
been seeking admission and we have been instrumental in their being refused because of the nature
of these lectures. We have admitted on special occasions a few of your friends but even this should
not be encouraged.
It is necessary that you take note of what I am saying, and I will deal with this further on in the lecture.
The reason why is very important to us at this time.1
The Spiritual Forces are building up a certain power substance that can be transported to any part of
the world through ether and they are taking this power-substance from the atmosphere around you,
while these lectures are proceeding. There is great work being done in your midst of which you are
mostly unaware of, although you are taking a very active part in it. We also ask that you make every
effort to attend, even if you have other engagements, you should remember that this work comes first.
It is very important that we maintain the certain vibration that
is necessary because we have built up here an ectoplasmic power. This power is sustained by your
effort. Each and everyone of you have been selected, don’t think that you come here just because
you come here. There are Spiritual influences bearing upon you. And we find that as you come here
each evening, you build up certain vibrations. And the ectoplasmic substance, that is, a substance
that is magnetic in its nature. It is a substance between the ethereal world in which we exist and the
physical world in which you exist. It is a substance in between the two that we can use for material
existing conditions within your world, as well, as we use it to transport it across ether so they can heal
others. And not only that but we have at the present time many Spiritual beings who are trying to get
in contact with some of the greatest of our leaders in the world today. And I tell you this, in your world
and our world we are trying to bring together these leaders so that we can manifest almost in their
midst. At least we can to a great extent use this ectoplasmic substance that is gathered from this
room, so that we can make them hear us. The voice maybe inaudible at first, but by our practice we
are able to enter into their minds and bring them to a form of sanity.