The New Zealand Connection
There are very few people in the world who climb rocky faces. Ive climbed many in my
time. I have climbed the Himalayas but I have climbed even steeper mountains than
that. I have climbed Mt Cook* in New Zealand which is one of the steepest and most
dangerous mountains in all the world to climb. Although is only 12,000 feet above sea
level, its pinnacles of ice are almost perpendicular. And I know what thrills it used to
give me when I used to perch and hang with my fingers on a ledge and look down,
hundreds of feet below into space. Its a thrill, I tell you, its a thrill.(Extract from Lecture
#4 (2/5/1950) “The Subtle Power of Emotion” from the newly revised and expanded
edition of “HOW TO RELAX AND REVITALISE YOURSELF” (2008 Definitive Edition)
published by Mystica Publications Ltd.

“I think one of the greatest of all premiers in the world was Mr. Massey* of New Zealand.
The history of this man, although he is not so well-known as some of the greater, he
was a man of great strength and purpose. But he never attacked anyone, neither did he
retaliate to attack upon himself. He brushed it aside with calm words of peace that he
understood within himself. He was loved by everyone. And I knew him well myself. I
knew him intimately. And we used to talk together about these things and I know well
that in his heart he knew something, although he could not define it. There was
something there that was great.”

(Extract from Lecture #6 (21/11/1950) “Jesus Taught Modern Medicine and
Occupational Therapy” from the newly revised and expanded edition of “HOW TO
RELAX AND REVITALISE YOURSELF” (2008 Definitive Edition) published by Mystica
Publications Ltd.

The following extract is from an article entitled “The Miraculous Phenomena of
Thought Creation revealed in Christchurch” written by Andrew Truman, a resident of

He travelled with his sister Flora MacDonald-Bayne to New Zealand in the early 1940’s
and later in 1947. They were met by, large crowds of people seeking to hear the
answers to the questions of life’s purpose as they were taught to him. They developed
a strong bond with the city of Christchurch, because, as Dr Mac, stated himself
will be a decline in these teachings throughout the world after my death, but it will
resurface in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand many years later,”
and this claim is
made plausible by the fact that Christchurch is one of the few places in the world in
which all eleven of his books can be purchased by the public. He stayed up on Clifton
Hill, in Sumner, while he was in Christchurch and many people came to visit him, aside
from his lectures, who are still living today. Many store owners in the central city
volunteered to display timetables and information about his lectures, which many of
you may recall, some of the most notable being the late Rolly Hall and Mrs Maude
Williams of Universal Furs who had known Dr Mac for several years having met him
earlier in London.

(The following extract is from Vol. 1-No.5 the April 1940 edition of monthly NZ Magazine
“THE VOICE”: of the Great White Brotherhood.)


At a very successful function in the Lewis Eady Hall on March 20th, Auckland members
of the White Brotherhood gathered to make the most of their last evening with Dr. M.
MacDonald-Bayne before his departure for Australia. The Brotherhood was pleased to
have Mrs. Harvey’s Peace Group with them as guests. After a programme of singing,
recitations, piano and cello items of a very high standard, Dr. MacDonald-Bayne
showed some delight. Fully coloured motion pictures of California. Honolulu, England
and Scotland. He then gave an address during which he said. “After spending some
years in a monastery, a certain Tibetan felt the study of dogma and observance of
rituals and so on, had not satisfied him, and he left to see if he could discover Truth for
himself. He wandered in the Himalayas and finally, almost starving and exhausted with
cold and exposure, he found the Teacher who had been expecting him. Then he went
through considerable training and eventually became one of the great Masters of Tibet.
“First,” he was told, “allow your mind to run out.” And he came to realise that the
images in his mind were not part of himself, but something to be emptied from his
mind. Then he came to learn that everything lie had seen or heard was not part of his
real self, but he was separate from these. The next achievement was to learn how to
concentrate his mind and hold it in subjection, or to control any part of his body.
“Now,” said his teacher, “you must find the rest of the path alone. Find this, then show
others.” “And that is where you are now,” said Dr. MacDonald-Bayne to his students.
“You have been given the knowledge, now you must set out and find the rest of the
way for yourselves. Then show others and make this your Purpose, to help to establish
the Kingdom of God on Earth. Put your purpose before the ego. Egoism is destructive
because it breeds envy, hate and greed, which destroy. Happiness comes through
service. “When everyone understands spiritual truths there will be no want. It is no
good trying to bring about the millennium through a system of re-division, for as soon
as you divide the spoils you create parasites. This is because the new system is not
founded on each having an understanding of the Truth. To bring about a worthwhile
new order with a sound foundation, people must be awakened to themselves, as well
as to the conditions around them. If they are only awakened to the conditions around
them, then chaos and violence result. The Pearl of Great Price is to know oneself.”
Presentations were made to Dr. MacDonald-Bayne and his sister, Mrs. Chisholm, and
Mr. P. A. Hillary said the Brotherhood knew Dr. MacDonald-Bayne was a man with a
purpose—to spread enlightenment by lectures, radio broadcasts and writings and that
the students would be glad to do their part in co-operating in this great work. It was
well appreciated among those who had had the privilege of knowing him, that he was
using all his efforts and resources to further this humanitarian work. The evening was
concluded with the full-throated singing of a Maori farewell song.
(The following extract is from Vol.1-No.1, the December 1939 edition of monthly NZ
Magazine “THE VOICE”: of the Great White Brotherhood.)

Life and Its Secrets



To have many of the secrets of life revealed to us is always an outstanding event and
just such a fortunate event occurred for those of us who became students of Dr. Murdo
MacDonald-Bayne during his recent Auckland visit. The knowledge we gained at his
classes, and the stimulating influence of his pleasant personality, left us appreciative
and enthusiastic.


Dr. MacDonald-Bayne spent many years in acquiring this special knowledge and
during the time, his travels and experiences were like an adventure from the “Arabian
Nights.” It was a certain experience he had during the Great War, which made him
aware of the true significance of life, and he resolved to discover its secrets. First, he
studied along the ordinary scientific lines and became a doctor of divinity and a doctor
of philosophy, but this did not satisfy him, so his preparation then followed other lines.
He journeyed to various countries and encountered many difficulties; trekked through
jungle and swamp in South Africa, and lived with the African natives; learned all that
Yogis could teach him in India and Persia; lived for over a year with the Arabs beyond
Baghdad, learning the secrets of their diet and amazing endurance. At last, after years
of study and travel, he derided to visit Tibet. Although the Western world—and most of
the Eastern too—knows very little about this strange land of the snows, it is actually a
great seat of learning, and in the realm of human culture possesses the world’s
greatest scientists, philosophers and researchers. Dr. MacDonald-Bayne spent many
months living and studying with the Great Masters in Tibet, finally returning to the
Eastern world in 1937 to pass on these teachings. Since then he has visited England,
America, Australia, and is now in New Zealand. His “Master’s Course” goes beyond
psychological and mind training methods, it supersedes Yoga exercises, and lifts the
student into a realm where the higher intelligent power becomes active in his life


After acquiring this valuable knowledge, Auckland students have undertaken to pass
on something of the benefits to others. With this end in view, they have organised
themselves to carry out various activities; one group will eventually give the Teachings
of the “Master’s Course” in classes, another group will carry out healing work, and a
third group is publishing this paper. We cannot, of course, publish Dr. MacDonald-
Bayne’s Course in the journal, as these teachings need to be given in a more personal
way, but there is a great deal of helpful and interesting information we can give. Sooner
or later, we shall all become Adepts or Masters of Life, and those who feel the necessity
of evolving to something higher, will welcome any enlightenment, as we do. If we can
be the means of helping others in this way, it will be our privilege. We shall always be
pleased to remember the inspiration received through Dr  MacDonald-Bayne, and he
may be sure the thoughts and regards of his many students here, will follow him
wherever his future journeying take him.
The Editor.