The Inward Life
Just as the light of the sun is broken by the obstruction of a prism into
the colours of the rainbow, so is God’s nature expressed in the
material world in a variety of ways. Just as we can we conveniently
name the main colours of the rainbow—so can we conveniently name
the main qualities of the spiritual life. They may not be the only ones,
but they are, at least, qualities that are inseparable from the Divine
nature. They are: peace, humility, compassion, power, joy, courage
(or fearlessness) and, of course, love.
      Which of these shall we seek first?
      I say to you—seek none of these first! Just as I have asked you to
seek first no adjustment of your outward affairs—now we must carry
this further—even to the qualities that can, alone, enrich our beings.
Seek God Only
      For where will you search for peace, except in Him? Or where
shall you find true humility except in the knowledge that He is all?
Does not all power belong to God? Is it not His love alone that can
dispel fear? The joy of the spirit—that true, deep joy which causes us
to laugh with the happiness of being alive—is experienced when we
are aware of God. The eyes of our compassion are opened when He
lives and moves in us. We love only because He loves.
In other words, we must seek nothing first save to know God. To know
Him as everything is to ensure that the qualities of His nature are
expressing themselves in us.
      It is not much use trying to love your enemies in your own power.
You cannot agree with your adversary in your own power, He is only
your adversary because you are convinced that you are right and he is
wrong. How, then, can you honestly agree with him while you remain
“you” and he remains “he”?
      Agreement comes when we remember God so much that we
forget ourselves. Agreement comes when we see that God’s nature is
expressing all things. By entering into the awareness of God, we are
able to agree with our adversary—even though his viewpoint may be
quite opposite to our own.
      Think of consciousness as a hill. You are climbing one side. Your
adversary climbs the other. You therefore look out in opposite
directions—and you see totally different things. Not only are these
different paths existing—there are also different levels on each path.
      But at the top, one sees all these ways leading to the same goal.
When the human consciousness rises into the knowledge that God is
the creative power behind All Life—then we see and know and
      Therefore, I say—seek God only. Seek to realize that God Is and
that all outward things are merely ever-changing expressions of His
eternal life. Seek to allow His Life to flow through you. Seek to realize
that His Life does, in fact, flow through you.
      Then, just as the rainbow expresses the components of light, so
will your nature express the qualities of God’s Nature. You shall seek
no more for peace—but your peace shall flow to others. Joy shall be
yours and power. There shall be in you the courage and the
compassion that are born of true sight; the humility of the servant
whose Master’s wishes are his desirings; the love that is the only
saviour of the world.

Note #27 Taken from Notes: 27-39 (“The Heart’s Desire” set) from
Derek Neville’s THE INWARD LIFE NOTES (1-104).