Welcome to
Ahimsa has practised his unique form of Hand
Psychology for well over 35 years with
excellent feed back.
His clients are world wide and many have kept
in contact with him over the years, coming
back many times to either ask more questions,
advice, counselling, Spiritual  guidance
or to share their  life journey and path.

Hand Psychology is NOT fortune telling, and
in no way predicts the future at all. It is a
blueprint of THE POTENTIAL positives  and
character of the individual.

It can show what occupations one would or
could be well suited to, artistic leanings,
spiritual signs, strengths and sometimes
weaknesses  to name just a few.  It can
sometimes show how others see you or why
you act the way you do.

To know yourself, and to know how others
perceive you can solve many a relationship
problem for instance. Knowing that there are
strong creative signs showing have given
many the confidence to take up that artistic
path in their life that they have always yearned

Ahimsa, using Hand Psychology, Spiritual
intuition and a great knowledge of NON
many hours, sometimes even days, working
on each individuals reading.

The readings are
not a computer print out,
they are individually prepared.
Once prepared the readings  are emailed to
the client and the client can respond (and in
fact it is recommended that they do, to get the
best value with any questions they have) or if
they prefer  sometime in the future.

Readings are $100.00 USA.

Readings can be paid for using the
box and  followed up with a email to Ahimsa
for instructions on taking a hand scan.

Questions are welcome first if you wish.