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"For books and thoughts that inspire and
heal if you have a mind to be". Quality
publications of Dr Murdo
MacDonald-Bayne's books and others.

At MYSTICA Publications Ltd, we are
passionate about making available high quality
books to enhance your spiritual development.
Our mission is to assist in the spiritual
development of others by publishing quality
books of a mystical-spiritual nature, from a
catalogue of specialised titles and authors,
selected and re-issued for today's Seekers after
the Truth. Authors such as Dr. Murdo
MacDonald-Bayne, Derek Neville and titles such
as Beyond the Himalayas, Bright Morrow, The
Garden of Silence, The Higher Power You Can
Use, Spiritual & Mental Healing, The Kybalion,
The Message of a Master, Windows. Our on-line
buying facility makes it safe and easy for you to
purchase our books. We would love to hear
from you, questions, suggestions, feedback or
otherwise. So please feel free to contact us.  
Thanks and Enjoy!
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MYSTICA publications
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