Greetings my friend, firstly I would like to apologise for the slowness with the newsletter. Sadly my
computer was blitzed with a very nasty virus that took out both computers and router. It has taken
time to find money to repair and renew as well as redo all that was lost.

All is running well now.

Secondly how are you? I hope all is fine for you in this ever changing world.
Few in any given generation fellow seeker will be ready to leave behind all that they have taken up in
the past as they have travelled the outward path on their quest for enlightenment.

They willingly have journeyed from Guru to Guru, Church to Church, Book to Book, Lecture to Lecture
and Workshop to Workshop quickly being parted from their hard earned money along the way.

Not knowing that there, within themselves is what they seek.

There within themselves lie all the answers within their own Temple of Inner Wisdom ….waiting
patiently…. ready to be awakened…

“THE TRUTH”, the “Seeing of the light,” the “I and The Father are one,”…the “ALL in ALL”…..all are
ready to be revealed.

The beauty my friend of taking the Inward Path is that there is nothing to join,

no vows to take,

no fees to pay,

no doctrine or creed to follow,

no special naming ceremony or a different style of clothing to adopt.

No Guru to bow down to,

no rules and regulations to restrict you,

no one saying you are not thinking right

or that you are wrong.

There is even no reason to give up your own culture or religion,

to benefit from the wisdom of the Inward Path*.  

* Although here I must hasten to add that the Inward traveller will find that the more one travels down
this inward path, the less importance is placed on thoughts like culture and religion.

As the seeker goes “BEYOND” all that has been learnt outwardly,

in a very natural and effortless fashion

these thoughts and beliefs

will fade in to insignificance

dissipating from view in time


Below is  Murdo’s November 1948 News letter he sent out to his students. I hope that you enjoy.

Your friend on the path


November 1948

Monthly letter

My dear friends,

You will be glad to know how your work in the Sanctuary is progressing.

Oven a thousand names have been added to the Sanctuary Register this month for healing. Your
efforts are crowned with success. Little do you know how much good you do when you tune in to the
Sanctuary at the hours mentioned. The result of the work done is seen in the following letters, a few
of the many hundreds of letters received this month alone.

From England this letter comes-“Without my knowing my brother gave my name in to the Sanctuary;
from that time a miracle happened. Although I was bedridden through a motor accident,. I got up one
morning. I could hardly believe myself – that which had previously weighed me down had gone. I got
into a bus and went over to see my brother to tell him what happened. It was then for the first time I
learned about the Sanctuary. God bless you and your work”.

From Pretoria this letter comes- “l wish to thank God and you for the wonderful help given to my
nephew. I was desperate when I phoned you. When you told me what the trouble was he was rushed
to hospital. The doctor had not then decided yet what to do. His progress was so rapid and when I
asked the doctor he said he realized that medical science was not responsible for his recovery.  It
was miraculous and beyond understanding”.

From Barberton this letter cones – “You will be pleased to hear that my healing is 100 per cent. Two
specialists who examined me could hardly believe it possible, yet it is true. With ever grateful thanks”.

From the Gold Coast this Letter comes “You will be pleased to learn that wonders are being
performed through contact with the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing power. My son who was reported
to be backward in his studies is doing creditably well and has also a marked desire for learning.
May I also therefore give the following names to be placed in the register for Divine help. Grateful

This letter comes from Togoland – “Thanks goes out to our Heavenly Father that we were led to you.
Firstly I must tell you that the Monthly Letters are wonderful and of great help to us. My daughter
whom you had on the Sanctuary Register for swollen feet and swollen hands has been completely
cured and my own illness has gone entirely. God bless you and your work.”

From Bloemfontein this Letter comes-€”My husband and I wish to express our heartfelt thanks for
helping us through a very anxious time. We thank God for his Goodness in restoring our daughter to
us. I was convinced from the first that the Sanctuary could help us. Also thank you for the wonderful
monthly letters. God bless you and your work and for answering our call.”

These are a few of the many letters received this month I wish to thank you all for sending in these
letters telling us of the wonderful results of our work in which we are all partners.


This is a subject of immense importance to everyone and no regular set method can be devised as
a means to an end. But what I have to say in this letter will help you to use a method that suits your
own peculiar make-up.

In the first place I will enumerate the ways most people use up their time on earth.

Most people are struggling through life trying to make ends meet. Some accumulate wealth and lose
their health in accumulating it, because of the emotions generated by gain and Loss.

Some haphazardly waddle  their way through Life, as long as they get a bed and three meals a day
they are satisfied, a newspaper, a novel and a love affair thrown in, this is the sum total of their
existence. A life without accomplishment.

Some practice asceticism in some form or another, by doing so they think they can gain the illusion
they call happiness, thus some dawdle their life away in useless dreaming.

Only by a full active life achieving the highest that is within us can we say we have done anything in

Much is said against building castles in the air and the trouble with most people given to this
building, is that they do part of the work, a very necessary part, but fail to do the other most
necessary part of producing, establishing and achieving.

Many think but never act. You must both think and act. These must be joined in your creative ability to

There is a great law which few people comprehend, that is that we are continually attracting to us
from both the seen and unseen conditions most akin to our thoughts. This law is continually operating
whether we are conscious of it or not.

Sow an act reap a habit, sow a habit reap a character, sow a character reap a destiny. This is the
procedure we establish in ourselves one way or another. The discerning of our thought habits is
essential if we are to build that which we truly desire.

Habit is a powerful influence in our lives. Some are aware of this and some are not, but all know that
when a habit is established how difficult it is to rid oneself of it.

By repeating the act the habit is established, it has passed from the conscious realm and has taken
up its abode in the sub-conscious, there to build the character.

An honest person is one who has established the habit and the opposite is one who has also
established the habit. Imagination is a powerful weapon in the building up of character. When one
imagines himself acting in such a way he will generally do so.

The qualities of true character are equality, love, kindness, honesty.  Equality enables us to view life
as it really is. Equally is an admirable quality which one rarely sees; it engenders the true relationship
of one to the other and creates a feeling, of kindliness. It is the fragrance of the beautiful rose that
gives it enchantment, so it is with one who has the quality of kindness. Should this be missing, the
character lacks fragrance.

Courage is a quality that all should cultivate for the amount of courage you has so will be the amount
of power you will get. This is very important and is well worth remembering.

Here are a few questions you can answer for yourselves. Are you poised and calm under all
circumstances? Are you swayed or influenced by what others say, against your own better
Judgement? Can you decide to do that which is best even if it meant a loss to you? Do you place
more value in material things than you do in spiritual things? Can you sum up a position quickly and
make quick decisions guided by an inward sense of unselfishness and justice?  Perfect judgement
is the result of a brilliant mind free from selfish interests. Think of yourself in the most difficult position
acting with calm and efficient accuracy, with your mind alert ready to act when an emergency arises.

Have you studied the best and quickest ways of doing the things you do daily or do you just drudge
through life haphazardly?

Have you confidence in your ability to accomplish or are you afraid to do anything lest you make a

Is your knowledge born of experience or is it purely theoretical?

Make it a daily habit to establish in yourself the characteristics that are the foundation of a successful

To have initiative and originality is the secret of genius. If you follow the beaten track you will
generally arrive with the mob, but if you explore off the beaten track there is no knowing what you
may find.

Genius means new ideas, new methods, new experiences, new accomplishments!  Are you a rule-of-
thumb person or are you game to come out in front and have the power to go forward against all
criticisms? Only weaklings are baulked at the first cry of the orthodox critic, the armchair philosopher
or the cannot-be-done drone of the stick-in-the-rut.

If there is a tendency towards retreat remember that your roots are in the Infinite Mind and the Infinite
Mind is expressing itself through you, then if you believe in God you can always believe in yourself,
because God and you are one, and cannot be otherwise.

The Infinite Mind of God pours forth into the mould that we prepare for it. This was the dominant
thought of the Master and it should be the same with you.

Jesus said, “I have glorified Thy name on earth.” In other words, I have shown what Thou art to all

Become one-pointed in regard to life and identify yourself with it and this verse sums up the question

The song of life has its chords and notes,

Rhythm and volume on the ether floats.

Every atom and cell shall surely vibrate

With love and joy as you create with faith.

There is peace within and peace all around,

Discord has vanished and cannot be found.

You always feel happy and free from care,

For the Song of Life is everywhere.

If you are truly seeking truth you must identify yourself with reality which is not dependent upon any
person however far evolved.

If you try to adjust yourself to the type you think has evolved you will only find illusion. Truth is beyond
all persons, beyond all stages of individual development.

In the self alone can be found that which is real and supports all other selves, the Presence is not
afar off but actively present within each one. The Kingdom of God is within you.

It is this that I want to make you conscious of. When you are actually conscious of this you have
reached the point where all is possible. In other words “You have been given dominion over all

When you see that the happiness you are seeking is hidden within your own limitation, to expand that
limitation into the unlimited which is within yourself is the only way of realising pure life.

There is no mystery to anything which you understand. But those who make mysteries of what they
teach, do so with the obvious intention of mystifying you, and this is proof that the truth is not
understood by them.

I am making this effort to enlighten you of the truth that will make you free from all limitation.

These few paragraphs are signposts on the way and I would ask you to study them carefully so that
the true meaning will be established in you.

1.     The voice of the Christ is far-reaching. It reaches far and near, for it is the omnipresence,
wherever the Father is, so am I.

2.     The power of The Christ in you is developed through first recognition then realization followed
by a period of quiet to become more aware of the Presence of the Lord thy God.

3.     You must come out of your material or business life to rest awhile in the Kingdom of God,
knowing that you are steadfastly growing and unfolding the true life and power of The Christ that
wants to manifest in your life.

4.     This state is not one of blankness or a state of nothingness as advised by some, neither is it
one of strain in trying to force acceptance upon the consciousness without understanding. These
extremes must be avoided.

5.     Hold in your heart a stillness that is alive with true understanding, that there can be no
separation between you and God. Say in your heart, “It is the Father that ever remains in me, is
doing the work.” This unites your individual consciousness with the omnipresence.

6.     Holds the aptitude in all you undertake that God never fails, it is He Who Workth in you. In this
realization all is possible to you with God. By yourself you are nothing but with God you are
everything. I and the Father are one.


Oh, Thou are rarest of Souls, Thou didst suffer on the rack of ignorance. But thy Infinite Love
overcame all and showed to all on earth the way to the heart of God.

We try to follow in Thy footsteps yet often lose the way through the blindness that besets us, and as
we feel Thy hand stretched forth to aid us, we know that all is well.

Although the road is beset with rocks upon which we stumble, the fact that Thou hast reached the
Green of Peace and Plenty in the Garden of our Father, and Thou hast said “Where I am so shall you
also be,” gives us the strength and courage to go forward.


Students will find the following books helpful:

“The Higher Power you can use”

“I am the Life”

“Spiritual and Mental Healing”

“Heal Yourself”

“What is mine is Thine” Part 1

“What is Mine is Thine” Part 2

Please state clearly when sending in names and addresses for aid whether literature is also to be
sent to the people in question.

Please notify change of Address.

October 1948
My dear friends,
Blessings have rained on the Sanctuary last month. Again hundreds of letters have come from all
parts of the world.
From England -A.E.G. writes: “I followed your instructions tuning in at the given times. I am a new
person to look at, radiant within and without. Indeed I tell many and have the privilege of showing the
infallibility of your, teachings. May every blessing be upon you in this wonderful work.”
From Spain -F.S. writes: “Your monthly letters have been sent to me by a friend. Since reading and
studying them I have recovered completely from an incurable illness. Please send me your letters
every month. God bless you for what you have done for me and mine.”
From S.A. Transvaal -J.C. writes: “l thank you with all my heart for your wonderful lectures and
monthly Letters. I read and reread their many times. I also thank you for your love and understanding.
May God bless you in your work.”
East London -D.M. writes: “I do not know how to thank you for your wonderful help, my trouble has
completely disappeared two day after I asked you for help, while doctors pronounced me incurable.
May God rain His Divine blessings on your work.”
From O.F.S. -A.B. writes: It is with great Joy that I am writing to you to tell you that my husband is
making excellent progress. It is a pleasure to see him enjoying, life again. He could not lie down. He
had to sit to sleep, now he can lie down like anyone else. I can’t thank God in words but I know He
knows how we feel. Your monthly letters are so inspiring and we always look forward to the next one.
May God bless you in your work.”
Johannesburg -M.C.D. writes: “The boy you put in the Sanctuary can now use both his legs like a
normal child. He is the picture of happiness and joy. God, bless the Sanctuary.”
The Sanctuary has been blessed this month with many blessings.  I thank you with all my heart and
may God bless you all for your blessings upon the good work. We are trying our best to help
mankind. I thank you all for tuning in at the times, this helps greatly. Thank you ever so much.
I have been asked to write on the causes of separation in the world and what is true spirituality.
When we realize the “Presence” that is eternal and ever-present and which is the only living, existing
and Creative Force in all Nature we readily see that the divisions in humanity have their roots in the
different creeds, systems and nationalities, and not in the “Presence” where there can be no division.
For instance if you were born a Hindu or a Chinese you would probably follow the Buddhist religion. If
you were born an Arab you would become a Mohammedan. If you were born a Jew You would follow
Judaism. If born a European you would probably follow the Christian religion.
Because of the rigid orthodoxy of these differing creeds the unity of the masses is prevented. Only
those who have thought for themselves, and have advanced beyond the antagonisms of the differing
cults can see the fundamental unity of all humanity at the root. As more and more people begin to
think for themselves, so will the true expression of the Divine Spirit in man manifest
Figures mean the same thing in all languages, the problem when correctly worked out must come to
the same conclusion. So it is the same with the Truth, there can be no duality in the conclusion, there
can be no distinction in the result.
We are not separated in Truth, we are separated only by the different theories held in regard to it.
We do not quarrel over the fact that we are alive, that we are human beings so when we are able to
reason to the ultimate we escape the limitations created by false doctrines. Any doctrine that creates
antagonisms and separation between one person and another must necessarily be false, when we
realize the source of all Life is ‘ONE’.
It is only in the completeness of our understanding of ourselves, in our relation to the Creator and our
relation to others, that gives us the freedom of Truth. We must discern deeply our thoughts! Are they
moving towards beliefs and opinions of others, or are they deeply concerned with Realty? We are
only able to free ourselves from limitation when we are deeply concerned with Reality. But if we are
caught up in the different creeds, nationalities, beliefs and imitations or become dependent on
others for our thinking, we bring separation, sorrow and conflict into the world.
Therefore our freedom comes through our own self-reliance in the awareness of our oneness with
God the Creator of All, and the other hand to be able to discern that which is false, that which
separates us from one another
There is a common ground upon which all thinking people can agree that is that there cannot be any
outside of God otherwise God could not be infinite, and that there can be no division in the mind of
God therefore no distinction. Science has proved to us that the whole Universe is a compact form of
electronic substance, incapable of division, and only in this substance can form take place. There
never has been any separation nor can we be divided in it. This separation, this division is but a
concept born in ignorance.
We cannot escape our relation to people and things. Through them we gain experience but we only
begin to know ourselves when we discern our thoughts and reactions. For freedom is a state of
consciousness, an awareness of unlimited Realty in which we live and move and have our being and
in which everyone is the same.
The time is soon coming when science and religion will move forward hand in hand. When this takes
place then fear and death, the last enemies in man’s consciousness will disappear. As truth is
revealed so will the mind of man change accordingly, and only in the quietness of the mind can this
Truth be unfolded.  
There is a sense of freedom with the study of Science of this new age, and many people all over the
world are beginning to question separation and religion as it is taught today. If religion is to survive it
must be streamlined, brought up to date to coincide with facts of science and Nature. For there can
only be one religion, the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man in the light of our new
knowledge. If this fundamental truth is rejected then there can only be sorrow and conflict for the world
There are some who think they live a Spiritual Life so they despise the materialist. Are we not all
materialistic in one sense or another? Do not think that by giving names such as “material” or
“spiritual” we-are going to solve the problem. By labelling this group or that group, this person or that
person, we are not going to find the truth. Many-people who profess God are unkind to others; this
can never be Truth. On the other hand if a person has real affection, loves people, is impersonal in
thought and action, he is often looked upon as not Spiritual, yet this person is much nearer the mark
than one who professes to love God and is unkind to others. We show our love for God by our
affection for our fellows.
First we must find out what being Spiritual means. Now Spirituality does not consist of intellectual
theology. Spirituality does not consist of examination of phenomena in other planes. Spirituality is
not the exclusive worship by any sect whether it is Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism or
Judaism. Spirituality does not consist of distinctions whether a man is a bishop, a priest, cardinal, a
pope, a rabbi, a king or a tramp.
True Spirituality is to be all-inclusive without any distinctions. This can be arrived at, and it is not very
difficult. But it can be difficult, even impossible, through distinctions and the majority choose this way.
True spirituality is also an awareness of the true values. Our sense of values is upside down, and
unless we can get a true sense of values we cannot arrive at a state of mind enabling us to act
without distinction, without craving without antagonism, which can only bring sorrow and conflict.
Therefore true spirituality is to be all-inclusive without distinctions, with a sense of true values, and
the expression of affection, wisdom and healing to all in thought and action. This alone brings us true
happiness, for the law never falls to attract to us that which is expressed in ourselves with sincerity.
When you begin to understand this, the distinction between material and spiritual disappears. We
will no longer separate ourselves as superior beings because we think ourselves more spiritual.
When we understand the laughter and tears of Life with others who have the same laughter and tears
hidden in them. When we have understood this, then we will not divide up Life, saying this one is
Spiritual and this one is material or this one is spiritual and this one is not spiritual.
The world is ourselves multiplied millions of times and any result must be from a change in
ourselves. But we must not be caught in the effect, lest we lose the substance for the shadow. To be
aware-of the “Presence” and belong that “Presence” which is never antagonistic, never separated, is
the essential thing, and knowing that understanding and love are its highest achievements in human
Do not battle with or struggle with ethics, virtues and their opposites. If we battle against error
longing for, virtues we are caught up in both. Most people hack themselves to pieces with vices and
virtues. If our desire is the pursuing of happiness, then the perfume of understanding is to lay the
emphasis on the essential. The “Presence” is the only essential, It Itself is freedom, unlimited
expression, in this lies our happiness and freedom. Wisdom gilded by Love is the perfect
expression of the “Presence” in us all.
To theorizing there is no end. Anyone can invent theories. Many books are filled with them, about the
Spiritual Life, about Truth. Theories are inventions of the mind and are not Truth. Neither should we
be interested whether one is a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu or a Mohammedan; these are but patterns
to which the human mind conforms, that which you worship destroys your power to think. It is people
that live, not theories or divisions!
Is it not true that we have created a social structure, which demands, adaptation and conformity and
thus we are caught up in the net of our own creations, the outcome of our own desires and illusions.
We have become mere cogs the ecstasy of living in the “Presence”. We are forever suppressing
and destroying our own creative understanding, hence the utter misery and chaos in the world.
It is not what I say or what another may say, that enables you to arrive at the truth, only by your own
discernment of that which is utterly false. Freedom and happiness is within ourselves and we can
find it by true examination, by being impartial, free from beliefs and prejudices.
We must use our inherent gift of pure thought, if, we are to accomplish the so-called impossible - the
ecstasy of complete freedom. When you cling to your divisions, your ideas, you call it your path or my
path. The division of “your way” and “my way” is born of ignorance and illusion and we make our
choice with a mind that is attached to a particular idea or system against others who are doing the
same, thus we create prejudices, antagonisms, and you will observe that this is not thinking. Only
when the mind is entirely free can we recognise the intrinsic value of any idea.
Love and Wisdom cannot be understood through division, through systems or creeds or distinctions.
If you look into a mind that is attached to any of these you will see how rigid it is in its beliefs, this is
truly ignorance.
The idea of tolerance is but an invention, which covers up the conflict arising out of false divisions.
Where there is real affection, real understanding, there is no need for tolerance.
True spirituality is dwelling in the “Presence” in our daily living, freed from all separation, ideas,
theories and beliefs, by living in the Presence, the Presence which in Itself is all complete,
expressing Itself in the full. This everlasting Realty can only be understood in the fullness of the
present, not past or future, but by allowing the “Presence” to express Itself without hindrance. NOW.  
“I am the Life.”

Oh, Eternal Presence of Wisdom and Love, we attune ourselves to Thee and our Life is one
continuous inspiration!
Thy Fountain of Eternal Bliss intoxicates us night and day, and as we dissolve into Thy Presence of
endless beauty so do we inhale and exhale Thy Divine Breath of Love and Wisdom. We have
discovered the false things that hid Thy face from us, and now that we have found Thee at last we
shall forever taste of Thy Sweetness, yes, forever and forever.

I am very grateful to receive from you contributions for the work of the Sanctuary. As this work is
growing by leaps and bounds your contributions are most welcome.
These are placed in the Sanctuary for blessings on both the givers and the gifts.

Yours sincerely,


Monthly Letter.
My dear friends,
You will be delighted to hear how wonderful the results have been this month with your help. Over five
hundred people have asked for help and this has been given through the Sanctuary with astounding
T.R.C. Writes, “God is wonderful, am feeling a different man altogether. The rupture and kidney
trouble have gone. I have put away the truss I was wearing night and day. I thank God for the
Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.”
K.G. Writes, “We thank God for His tremendous power.  A deaf sister through the Healing Power of
the Sanctuary can now hear.  With my sincere love to you.”
B.J. Writes, “Thank you so much for your monthly letter. I look forward to it. It is such a help to me and
a great inspiration. My arm is so much better and I feel the Silent Healing Power at work. May God
bless you and all in the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power”        
M. McK. Writes, “Thanks for the wondrous work done for the four of us. We are spreading the good
L.A. Writes, “Immediately I rang for help the temperature that was 105 degrees reduced in half an
hour to normal and the child is now perfectly well. To us it is a miracle.”
E.P.writes,''I thank you for the monthly letters. I must assure you that they are giving me wonderful
help and inspiration. I could not do without them now.”
M.H. Writes, “I have never read anything to compare with the
Monthly Letters, Those who have read them with us have derived great benefit, beyond their
expectation. I could write pages about, the wonderful-work that the Sanctuary has done for us.”
These are only a few of the many letters received this month and I wish to thank all those who have
sent in letters. I appreciate the fact that you have taken the trouble to write a letter of thanks for the
help received.
I wish to speak to you again in this letter about healing, as so many people appeal for help in
overcoming their troubles,
Nervous condition is one of the most prevalent causes of disease in the human body, for whenever
the nervous system is upset it causes in harmony throughout. I will explain briefly the source of the
main cause of nervous disorders.
To do so I must give you a brief outline of the common theories which one knows in general practice
and which are used extensively by psychiatrists although not always with success.
There is a fundamental basis upon which they do get a degree of success in some cases yet in most
cases they fail, showing that their methods are limited in scope. If one has not a knowledge of the
truth of “Being”, that is that there is no separation between God and man as the only true foundation
upon which to build a new and free life, nervous conditions are liable to return, because the victim is
not fortified with this truth which will stand him or her in good stead, when other distressing events
In ordinary life we meet with bottled-up emotions and physical symptoms caused by emotional stress
and fear, which becomes a subconscious or conscious stream seeking release, and this, seems to
be more prevalent since the First World War.
These symptoms may occur instantly or they may take some time to develop. Frequently they are not
strong enough to push outwardly just when the event occurs. But by repeated distressing events in
life this fear and emotion is added to, and eventually a true case of neurosis is established.
We see here that it is not always the distressing event at the moment that is the root, but that which
has occurred previously. This root takes growth through lack of understanding of the self, fertilized by
repeated negative reactions and produces a complex situation.
It is clearly seen then that a search is not always successful in gaining a release from the prison the
victim has created for him or herself, through the lack of discerning the cause. For when one is
awakened to the truth there is always a discerning of the thought or reaction, and the motive behind
them. Thus there is perpetual freedom through this awareness.
When the symptoms appear instantly it is comparatively easy to remove the condition. But when
through a series of negative reactions, the symptoms appear some years after the initial cause, it is
sometimes very difficult to search out the main cause. That is why analysis has so often failed, while
a knowledge of the truth can completely revolutionise the victim’s life and release fears and phobias
on a higher level.
They completely disappear as one gets a better understanding of Life. The submerged stream in the
subconscious or the unconscious, if you like the term better, is sublimated and freedom is obtained.
In many cases which fail through analysis I find it easy to establish a state of balance by showing that
the victims are the object of their  own illusions, and when they get a complete view of themselves
being one with God, impossible of separation, there is a distinct relief.
This relief often enables them to speak or talk about themselves. I do not attach great importance to
what they say except when something appears vividly to me.
For instance, in a lady who suffered with a severe skin trouble for many years which baffled all
medical science as well as psychiatrists, I noted a strain of antagonism in her make-up against a
near relative. I told her that when she forgave this relative and made amends and accepted the
injustice done to her and she herself became unselfish, a perfect balance would be established and
she would become whole.
She immediately went away and made amends and returned 1n a week to me perfectly whole.
Now this lady through her own experience has helped. Hundreds of people who suffered in the same
way, not always with the same symptoms but nevertheless the same cause. Hundreds of other
similar cases I could mention of so-called incurable troubles, these troubles vanish as by magic
when a true state of harmony is established within.
Many cases are the result of a desire to forget all about a distressing incident. A large amount of
nervous energy is used up in holding back this distressing experience from the notice of the
personal consciousness. By forcing the memory up to the conscious, the cordon of repressing
energy is broken through this energy is no longer required and is released for constructive action in
the body.
When we face awful facts fairly and squarely, they become harmless. But the' great danger with
ordinary psychiatry is to allow the patient to go without giving him or her a true foundation of his or
her spiritual self , thus the cure is only half done.  The complete cure comes through the
understanding of the truth about themselves.
If one is in constant fear of exposure this fear causes a condition to reveal itself in the tissue structure
through the nervous tension which becomes habitual. When one is strong enough to face the matter
boldly through the truth of their oneness with God then the nervous tension soon disappears and the
mind and body become balanced.
When trouble comes upon most people they allow fear to enter which Leads to further darkness. For
when this crude form of dissociation occurs there is a mental conflict and repression added to by
bad auto-suggestion which puts the victim in a state of prostration and fear, and later appears upon
the physical organism.
There is also the theory of perverted sex development. Sex life is both spiritual and physical, and in
early life this dual action tends to appear in a number of 'ways such as sex curiosity, exhibitionism,
masochism, sadism, etc. These tendencies disappear under normal development when the sex
energies are used in the normal way, and the excess transformed into higher forms of social,
intellectual, and spiritual services.
The danger lies only when this creative force is looked upon as evil and then repressed with its evil
association we create in our minds, with the  result that it rises to the consciousness in the
symptoms of psycho-neurosis yet the exaggeration of the importance of suppressed sexual
complexes can become a dangerous falsehood'. It can have a nasty influence and tend to make the
mind more fundamentally impure than before.
Sex impulse has been looked upon as a danger to nature. When
it is looked upon as an evil and negative thing,  it imposes upon the nature and mind an impurity that
does not really exist.
We must not look from down up, but from above down, and see the glory of Gods creative work in
mankind. When we free our minds from these repressed falsehoods created through ignorance by
continually stamping the Creative Power as an evil in our midst' we will find a better race, free from
the immoral practice’s we see today.
We can separate the people in the world into three categories. There are those who lower their
ideals to make the way easy for surrender to temptation. The result is not harmful to the body
because there is no repressed emotion attached to it, therefore there is no conflict in the mind.
But this is unhealthy as far as the soul is concerned; this type is general in the world today.
The next type is those who, through compromise and cowardice when the mind works upon such
cravings turn away in horror, fear and emotion. This grips the personality with the result that these
experiences are repressed and produce stress and strain in the nervous system, causing tension
through lack of understanding. And ultimately produces an outbreak of physical or mental symptoms.
The next type is those who have gained balanced state of mind through understanding the truth
about themselves. They deal with things face to face, and consider carefully the whole situation in
relation to their ideals by true reason. Here the normal solution of the conflict is freed from morbid
symptoms and the personally emerges from the conflict with added power.
When we become aware of nature as a whole and begin to understand the higher nature, we will be
much more able to understand the lower. Wisdom comes from above and not from below. When we
understand ourselves we will understand our emotions as well. The result will be not repression but a
glorious release with added strength. From victory to victory, from glory to glory to become as we
are, the children of God.
For in God we live and move and have our being, knowing that the Christ of God dwells in every
living soul “the Conqueror.” “I have overcome the world” not through the fear of God and repression
of our guilt, but by understanding that we have been given dominion over all things.
Love and service is the keynote to permanent recovery. Many a disorder has been permanently
cured through the delight of a service in love to others.  Forget yourselves in service to others,
understanding the truth that the law is – to Love the lord thy God who is “one” Lord, and to Love him
with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy mind, and with all thy strength, and to love thy neighbour
as thy self. This then is the cure for all ills of the flesh and the mind.
O Loving Father, teach me to comprehend the utter uselessness of being afraid.
Help me to remember that though death do come to all I am always alive in Thee.
Teach me not to paralyse my nerves through the dread of my imagination. As thy child I am born to
overcome all trials of Life fearlessly.
Awaken me to Thy all-protecting Presence that surrounds me
Although I may be clad in armour I am vulnerable to disease.
But with thee I am protected by Thy loving care for thy art always with me.
May the peace and love of God dwell in our souls to free us from all that assails us from without.
I am very grateful to receive from you contributions for the work of the Sanctuary. As this work is
growing by leaps and bounds your contributions are most welcome.
These are placed in the Sanctuary for blessings on both the givers and the gifts.
Yours sincerely,
Lectures are being given by Dr MacDonald-Bayne every Thursday at 7.45 p.m. in the Auditorium,
2nd Floor Escom House, Rissik Street, Johannesburg and every Tuesday at 7.45 p.m. in the
Pretoria Women’s Club, 4th Floor, Sanlam Building, Corner Andries and Pretorius Streets, Pretoria.
These classes are not open to the public but those who wish to make application may do so and
they will be considered.
The new Course in Johannesburg commences on Thursday the 14th of October and the new Course
in Pretoria commences on Tuesday the 19th October, 1948
Please state clearly when sending in names and addresses for aid whether literature also is to be
sent to the people in question.
Please notify change of address.

Greetings New Years Eve 2010

Only another  few hours  before a New Year is to dawn upon us again.

It is now  a good time to take a positive step forward in to the bright new future of 2011... learning
from the past and stepping forth into the new with a renewed and exciting vim and vigor. An
expectation of great things to come.

The wise will have learnt many lessons during 2010.....many of the lessons learnt will be relating to all
the material trappings that we have become all so attached to over the years... and the question...."
Do we really need them"?  The wise learn, the fools, upon sensing the end of the recession, will
again thrust hand  into pocket for credit cards.

Many people when asked the question: "What do you value most in life"? answer, (after working
through the material answers)...."Freedom" ....but then upon saying that... sell themselves again into
material slavery by way of credit card and shopkeeper .....and the worshiping  of material goods.

Others who answer "Freedom" to the question then take themselves off to church or temple, pastor
or priest, guru or spiritual workshop, to be told how to think ,live, act, pray, meditate and spiritually
behave. How can someone or some organization possibly "do it for you"?
That is not freedom at all ...it is but but slavery.

Many say they want freedom, but few want to take the personal responsibility and actually take the
route of ultimate freedom, the inward path.

There are many great changes coming in 2011 for those with the eyes to see and ears to hear.
Some, a few, will take heed and find The Temple of Inner Wisdom,...most alas will not as they have
long forgotten how to self trust..

The wise know, that they, themselves, are the makers of their own glory or gloom, heaven or hell.....
for they alone are responsible for finding their own truth and cannot rely on others to do the work for

The search is over when one comes to realize that WHAT YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR......YOU
All you need do is look inside, it is all there waiting. The wonderful thing is that it is  there...unused,
alive and fresh....waiting ...never ever used by any other. Untainted by mankind.

Your truth is YOURS, UNIQUELY YOURS. Know your truth, trust your truth and then you will taste real
freedom. It is that simple. From this point on you live your truth, you meditate your truth, eat sleep and
breath your truth. You are your truth. You and the truth/Father/Universe are one.....

My prayer for you my friend is that you will take this brave step forward and stride forth into 2011 with
great expectations ....It will be a great year if you follow what you find inside.

May the Universe whisper great things in your ear and may you be bold enough to trust what it tells
you and act upon it.
Your friend on the path

DEC 2010

Greetings my friends,
I pray that the Universe has been treating you kindly and that all is well for you and your family. With
the festive season and coming and New Year just around the corner many are readying themselves
for this joyous time of the year. For some of you it will be a time to spend reflecting on your religious
beliefs and giving thanks, while for others it will be a time to reunite with family and friends, share a
meal or two with gifts and goodwill.

For others sadly  it is just another day, another day of struggle and hardship, sadness and loneliness
....the missing of loved ones at the table....or even just plain being on their own and having no one to
talk to or share a meal. Loneliness, sadness, stress, strain and worry is again coming for many world
wide as it does every year at this time. I ask you to please to send out Healing thoughts and prayers
to those in need.

Times have been  hard for many with the world going through another year of belt tightening ...this as
well as many disasters, natural and otherwise world wide (here in NZ we have had recently a very  
large earthquake and the tragic loss of 29 lives at Pike Creek Coal mine) ......for many this time of
the year will not be so festive so please spare a thought for these people as well.
We may think that we have had it hard over the last year or so but compared to many others around
the world ..........it may not be so bad.

If you said to a Taoist sage “I am having a hard time” they would answer “compared with....?”

This time of year The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power receives many emails from those in
need of company and a friendly ear ....and will be as usual open for emails throughout this coming
holiday period, just the same as it is for all 365 days of the year. All emails will be answered as
quickly as possible so if you are on your own and would like to share an email with a friend  please
feel free to contact me (Ahimsa). If you are feeling sad or worried, lonely or just plain fed up...I invite
you to share your thoughts and concerns with me, we can have a email chat and maybe work through
any concerns or worries together. Perhaps you would like to send me a short a note of good cheer to
give your best wishes to others that visit The Sanctuary...if so I will put it up on the web site for all to

I would like to give a big thank you to those who have made  donations and taken Hand readings
over the last year .....you make the work here possible and many are helped throughout the world
because of your selfless kindness. As you may know the Sanctuary is available for those who suffer
terminal illness's to email in and find solace here. I salute you all and pray the Universe repays your
great kindness with blessings and good fortune. Without your help the Sanctuary would indeed
struggle to meet these needs.

I would also like to thank those who are joining in at the Healing times alone or with groups. Your
work is invaluable and a blessing to the world. Daily emails come in with good news. Every prayer or
Healing thought that is sent out will find its intended  recipient/s .....none are ever wasted. Every
prayer or Healing thought you send out returns to you ten fold with Universal love and blessings...and
indeed strengthens your path and Spirituality.

I also thank you all for your wonderful emails that I receive from you...sharing your Spiritual path, your
friendship, your innermost thoughts and your blessings....they are most enlightening and I feel
blessed to receive them. You are wonderful souls that I have the privilege to walk the path beside.
Over the Christmas period I will light a candle on the alter so that each time I walk past and see it I
will remember you all.
Let us all look forward to the coming New Year and move forward into it with a positive approach
putting our Healing abilities to maximum use.
Again I thank you one and all.
Your friend on the path

Greetings My friends
Firstly I would like to thank one and all for the kind emails I received concerning the recent
earthquake in New Zealand. Not only did this fair land have the rather large earthquake but a beating
of strong winds as well. Some recorded at 180 k on the coast. No life was lost in either of the two
When times are good we tend to think that we can put off our Spiritual life to a latter date but who
knows what lurks around the corner. We live in the now so we should do what we need spiritually in
the now also.
I remember some years ago speaking with a young lady, wise far beyond her years ...she lived in a
Temple in Wellington, a city in New Zealand known for its strong winds and gales...The Temple
stood on the top of a notoriously windy hill. I was reading the Temple paper and in it was a ad
wanting people to help in running a Temple in Hawaii. Of course I started to think sun, sand, beach,
nice fruit etc that cant be a bad thing..better than here anyway....and said "why don't you go over
there to live sooner than stay in cold, wet, miserable wellington Sita Rani"? She answered "Oh no.....
if I went there I would be sure to forget my Spiritual path with all those distractions, far better I stay
here and stay closer to God".
You see when times are good and we enjoy,  we tend to forget to pursue our Spiritual path so much.
But when we are in the eye of a storm or earthquake we find ourselves quite close to God indeed.
As we mature more Spiritually we are able to hold Spiritual concentration in any circumstance we
encounter, good, bad or indifferent.
Below I have included the July 1948 Monthly letter Dr Mac sent out to his students.....it is as relevant
today as it was then. I hope you enjoy.
Please keep the emails coming in with your enlightenments and for those to go on the Healing list
and feel free to email for a chat or share a worry or concern or any problem that you encounter along
life's bumpy road. Perhaps sharing your Spirtual path so far in life with me.
Special thanks to those who join in at the Healing times there are many people extremely grateful to
you indeed. If you would like to join in as well or perhaps form a Healing group of your own please
email me if you need help in doing this. ALL CAN PARTICIPATE.
Thank you and many blessings to those who have been kind enough to donate towards the running
costs of this web site ...by doing so you make many things possible and allows the good work to go
Again thank you one and all for your good wishes
your friend on the path

Monthly Letter
July 1948

The Sanctuary is extremely proud this month to announce that hundreds of cases have been healed
instantaneously. The work is expanding so rapidly that we feel grateful to those who are tuning in at
the regular times for the help given by them to the Healing Forces, who are able to perform such
wonderful feats of healing.

Quoted hereunder are a few only of the letters received and we thank all those who have sent in
similar letters.

“I wrote to you a week ago asking for help for a patent of mine who was suffering from a hopeless
malignant breast. These last two days she has been absolutely free from pain and has slept
peacefully, not only at night but also throughout most of the day. She has not required her usual dose
of morphine sulphate. I am deeply grateful for this help.”

“Thank you for your letter. I am very glad to be able to report a wonderful healing for Roy, one of the
friends I asked you to help; his relations are€ very grateful.”

“I want to thank you with all my heart for your prompt answer to my call for help for my niece, who was
so ill with bronchial pneumonia. I felt from my past nursing experience that she had not much hope of
recovery; her temperature was 104 and she was so blue in the face. So immediately phoned you for
help and she intermediately got better.”

“Thanks ever so much for your help given to my husband, as he is changed and is wonderful towards
the home and is very friendly towards people nowadays. People cant believe it is the same man they
knew a few months ago. I send my greatest thanks to the Sanctuary.”

“ I cannot lose this opportunity of extending my gratitude to the Sanctuary for the divine help you so
kindly rendered to my sister-in-Law and have pleasure in informing you that she is completely
recovered since you registered her name on the Register.”

In this letter we will do some clear thinking for this alone can lead us to the understanding of the Truth.

Through the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing power wonderful results have been obtained already,
because of the fact that you who are working in the Sanctuary all over the world have brought into
being Divine reasoning and with this, Divine feeling. These two are the essence of Divine action and
Divine action leads the way to a better world, a greater and finer world which we are all helping to

When we consider that the Sanctuary started only a few months ago, and since then the numbers
have run into thousands, we expected such phenomenal results, as we knew that Success was
assured because of the exalted Spiritual Forces which are behind this great movement.

We are told that thousands of Spiritual Beings are working in the Sanctuary in conjunction with us on
this plane. It would be helpful if you would read the particulars again, which were sent out in the
beginning so as to grasp the great significance of this work.

It is desirable that you get a true understanding and this is mainly why in this letter we will do some
clear thinking.

I have stated to you before that unless we can discern the false we will not understand the true. If we
live in a limited state of mind, brought about by submission and imitation through education religious
beliefs, philosophy, public opinion and tradition, we will not escape the miseries that we ourselves

We may seek an escape from the prison of our own making by accepting the idea that The Divine
Nature can and will release us from our prison. Yet if we do not discover the cause of our miseries
we only bring the idea into our prison and we are still bound by it.

If we have a belief that we feel binds us through fear, and someone comes along with a similar belief
which gives greater freedom and we accept this belief in place of the old we are only enticed into
their prison and we are still bound. We are not thinking for ourselves, we are only caught up in the net
of their belief. Anything that separates us from our brothers and sisters is a falsehood and a prison.

In our previous letter we were shown that God is Infinite and to be so He must be everything and
there cannot be anything that is not infinite, and the only living presence in everyone must be the
Infinite Presence because God alone lives.

But we cannot realize this feeling until we discern the falseness that surrounds us, and in which we
are submerged. Rebelling against conditions does not remove them, we must know them for what
they are and understand the cause, and as these causes are discerned and dissolved the true shall
appear because it is always there, only hidden by our beliefs of that which is false.

We do not disagree over the fact that we are alive, that we are human beings, we only disagree over
our beliefs. We never disagree over that which is true we only disagree on that which is false, and
when we look into the matter deeply enough, we will see how true it is.

With reference to disease most people cling to the name of a disease giving it an identity; by giving
it an identity we are merely accepting another's opinion or belief, and we will observe that this is not
thinking nor understanding.

The happiness of mankind is not increased by opinions founded upon ignorance and beliefs in
theories of those who cannot heal the sick or relieve the troubled mind which is caught up in the net
of emotion, imitation and craving. The sick in mind and body are cured by giving them the Bread of

Jesus says, “Man is himself the field, his deeds are seeds and what he does to others to others
grows apace. The harvest is sure and he must reap what he has sown.” The fruit of peace and love
can never spring from noxious weeds, the fruit is like the seed.” Each one has problems to be
solved, he must solve them for himself.

The individual begins to solve his problems when he begins to think. When we begin to discern our
beliefs, thought, emotions, reactions that hinder the expression of the presence, €then the Presence
begins to flood the consciousness.

Through the neurons of the brain, through the nervous system, through the whole cell structure of the
body the presence makes Itself felt. But if our mind is caught up in greed, craving, names of
diseases, caught up in beliefs, hell, the devil and good and evil, we are sowing the seeds of our own

We are instructed not to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil but to take hold of
the Tree of Life and this shall be our salvation.

The only value criticism has is when it is directed towards the self, thus we are better able to see
how to help others. “How can you see the splinter in your brothers eye when you have chunks within
your own.” “And while your eyes are full of foreign things you cannot see the way for you are blind.” If
you would lead the way to God you must be clear in sight as well as pure in heart.

We must wipe away everything that hinders, by discerning everything that hides the glorious
Presence that dwells in every soul.

I am repeating these words of the Master to show that he did not merely give us a theory, but made it
exceeding plain that we must see that which is false, so as to clear the sight to see the way.

Another statement which throws light on the path is, “The treasures of Earth are but illusive things
and pass away.” “Be not deceived! Your treasures are the anchor of the soul and where your
treasures are, so your heart so your heart will be.” “Things that man see not with eyes of flesh, are of
more worth than the things that man can see.”

Most of us are full of defects and it is necessary to discern them and not merely deny them, for this
does not help matters. To shrug our shoulders or cringe at the sight of our thought's is of no value.
What is needed is to be quiet and more quiet, to look at these things as something not your real self,
for the real self is the presence of the presence and to abide in its quiet confidence is Divine Power.

If the soul asks for the Divine and our minds are sincere and calls for liberation from these
influences, by calling the presence into the heart and relying upon it more and more than our own
strength we will be able to end this “siege” and peace would take its place. We will break down the
prison bars that hold us in the prison of our own making.

The material world less the revelation of the Creative power manifested thorough the mind. Visible
things are the representation of the invisible. If we can comprehend this truth we can rise above the
effects we see around us, and by understanding them we will no Longer be afraid of them. We will
discern the false, then we will know the true.

We are made in the image and likeness of God living in a material world over which we have been
given dominion. A world so constituted that if we will use it intelligently, it will lift us to spiritual heights
yet unknown.

With this knowledge our experiences in this world will lift us to the mountain tops of achievement. If
we feel a sense of frustration when we neglect to use wisdom, worrying about the natter will not help.
we will know how to deal with our troubles through the discerning of our own thoughts, cravings and

The realization of truth lies in our self-conscious completeness sustained in our own uprightness,
free from all conformity, public opinion, tradition, nationality or creed. Through the self-conscious
completeness we arrive at full responsibility, in the recognition of this completeness, and this
completeness is true freedom.

This is not an escape nor is it flight from conditions around us, but it will lead to a gradual
discontinuance of unconscious action through lack of discernment which leads to misery.

When we act consciously understanding the law, this leads to pure thought which leads to pure
action. This understanding is the beginning of true action which will expand our consciousness and
practical knowledge of our oneness with the creative source of all things - the Presence that is within

And as we acquire this knowledge through practice we will, by conscious use of the Creative Laws,
have revealed,to us a deeper significance of our own creative power than the mere intrinsic value of
material possessions; they will represent to us the extent of our Spiritual understanding and-ability to
co-operate with the Creator of all things.

Material is but a name we give to a substance of which we know very. little. But when we see that the
material, the visible and the invisible are one and the same thing, we will appreciate that the invisible
is the cause and the materiel or visible is the effect.

When we-see that the visible is the is the result of the invisible, we will know that in the invisible is the
cause and that cause is thought-action, then we are aware of the cause of misery. Then there is no
longer any fear in regard to it for we will know we are the creators of our own misery.

We will see with clear sight, freed from illusion, that we are one with the Creator of the Universe; we
will also see that it is impossible for us to be otherwise. Then the presence that is €ever- present and
eternal in us will bring forth “that which is acceptable to God”.

But if we fail to understand these things we will create a series of causes and effects in which will
become enmeshed, caught in their net. And there can no escape until the truth which we have had
revealed to us fully dawn upon us.

“God Himself has made it plain - for ever since the world was created, His invisible Nature, His
everlasting power and Divine Being have been quite perceptible in what He has made.”


O Fountain of love, flood us with Thy omnipresent Love so that our hearts will be filled with thy love for
Exalt the rivers of our desires and cravings from the lowlands to the heights of humbleness and self-
sacrifice and consideration for others, reinforced from Thy fountain of Love, we unite in the ocean of
fulfilment in Thee.

Increase our affection for all, so that we do not lose in drought-stricken selfishness, which is waste.
But let the lonely separate streamlets of' Love coming from Thee at Last merge into the vastness of
thy presence, revealing Thy Omni omnipresence of Love Wisdom and Healing for all who will receive.

My faith in Thee has made me “whole.”


I am very grateful to receive from you contributions for the work of the sanctuary. As this work is
growing by leaps and bounds your contributions are most welcome.
These are placed in the sanctuary for blessings on both the givers and the gifts.

Yours sincerely

Greetings to you dear friend,
it is some time since I have sent out a News letter and I hope that you will forgive the lateness. Time
lately has been taken up with having to dig a number of (8) thirty metre trenches to repair the centres
septic tank lines as these have had to be replaced...Each trench a meditation in itself.
Prayers and blessings from the centre go out daily to you all. I do hope that the Universe has been
treating you well and that the sun is shining upon you wherever you are in this world. Here in New
Zealand/Aotearoa  it is cold with winter well upon us now.
Healing groups are doing great work all around the world and reports come in all the time from
grateful receivers of your good Healing work.   Those with groups, sending out the Healings report
that they themselves receive great blessings in return from the Universe, and indeed find they are
becoming “finer tuned” Spiritually than ever before.
I would like to thank those who have asked me if they can donate towards  helping with the Centres
costs. Every donation helps greatly, as funds are very limited and running costs go on daily. A very
small donation can help towards  paying the web site fee for example as this is a ongoing cost.
Donations can be made through the Pay Pal button on the web site.
Much time is taken to copy these monthly  letters, keeping them word for word perfect with the
original letters sent out by Dr Mac to his students. Nothing can be just scanned as the old type writer
keys used in the originals play havoc with the scanner, and it sends out a scrambled assortment of
Reading through this months letter one can see that the message is still as relevant today as it was
when first penned in June 1948.......What are your thoughts?
I do hope that you enjoy these letters as much as I enjoy preparing and sending them out to you.
Please keep your emails coming in with news on your groups, Healings, questions and your
enlightenments along the way. I look forward and learn from them all. Maybe you would like to have
them included in the next monthly letter so others can see what is going on around the world. If so let
me know.
Your friend on the path



My dear friends,

Every month there seems to be a greater expansion of the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power.
This month has been phenomenal, hundreds of names have been added to the Register and the
work done has been beyond all our expectations. From all over the world we are receiving calls for
help and this is given  immediately with the result that instantaneous cures have been effected, and
some of the most difficult cases which are supposed to be beyond medical he1p have responded
amazingly. For instance here is a letter I would like to give in full, but as space is limited  the main
points will be given.

“God. bless you always for the help you have given us all through Sanctuary. Conditions in my home
have changed wonderfully since I wrote for assistance. It is as if the whole world of beauty, love and
harmony has been opened to me. My little son is very happy at school and last Wednesday
when I met all the teachers and masters they were full of  praise for him about the 1ove1y work he
does and his fine behaviour. I owe all this to the Sanctuary.”

“A  little boy I wrote to you about - with pain in his legs which is supposed to be T.B. is ever so much
better. All the pain is gone. I am sure this little boy will get entirely well. Thank you too for the beautiful
monthly letter which is a inspiration to us all.”

“I  wish to tell you this wonderful story: my leg was broken and in great pain. I tuned in to the sanctuary
at 12 noon, and immediately the soreness disappeared and I felt as if the bones
were being put into the correct position, the surprising thing is now when the X-rays were taken there
could not have been a more perfect setting of the bones. It was a great surprise to me that you took
all this trouble to help a person like me and, to think that it could have been done from such a long
distance away. Again I wish to thank you most sincerely .”

“Your monthly Letters are the most inspiring reading we have ever had. A number of our friends
come to the house and we read the letter together. That such wonderful truths could be revealed
through reading these letters is beyond our comprehension, yet we are stirred within when we read
these Letters. God bless you for the work you are doing.”

There are bundles of these letters. The above few have been taken at random, and we thank all
those who have sent in such letters.

Remember that we are all tuning in at the various times indicated and your help is doing a
tremendous amount of good through out the world. Keep it up, there is no room for slackers in this
work! You will realise how important it is, for the world needs you now.

Read this letter aloud to yourselves and others and you will find greater benefit.

The great majority of people do not realize the fact that Spiritual and material or mind and matter are
ingredients of one single system.

Now this is not the product of the imagination nor is it an idea that we have to accept. It is a living
reality  which Jesus the Master truly demonstrated, and which modern science and physics have
also proved to be true.  Therefore there is no room for the dualism that has haunted philosophy
throughout the centuries.

When this truth is grasped by the individual the world will enter into a new age of realism and when
ful1y realized, this realization leaves us virtually spellbound.

If you can grasp the full significance that this means to you here and now you will make every effort to
make this truth your own in such a way as to manifest it in this life, not only for your own benefit but for
the benefit of others.

The mistaken dualism of mind and matter or spiritual and material has confused the minds of many
people, were  they try to prove that matter does not exist because there exists a condition  that
affects then negatively. But I have already shown to you that whatever we think in fear or in faith wi11
equally reproduce their kind. Therefore denying a condition that may exist dose not accomplish a
healing but only leads to confusion.

Denying a condition is blind ignorance which may or may not give temporary relief is through the
understanding of the fundamental truth that we can consciously or unconsciously act upon matter   to  
change, dissolve or create, that gives us power over any condition that may exist.

If any error in a sum exists you do not say that the law of mathematics is at fault but when the error is
discerned, it is corrected and it disappears. The Law of Life is similar, and it is stated that we are
made in the image and likeness of God with dominion over all things. Now I hope that you will no
longer be confused in your mind in regard to a condition.

Most people have  a belief that matter is fundamental and the effects which they see expressed are
permanent. There is nothing permanent in nature, there is a continual flux or change taking place; the
only thing that seems permanent is change, for the simp1e reason that nature is continually making
and remaking, tearing down and building up better and better forms, and all this change has its
origin in the inner world of which the outer is but the reflection.

So there is no use in denying the effects we see; we must find the cause and that cause and that
cause is within ourselves, in our own inner world and this leads us to that great and significant truth,
that whatever we identify ourselves with determines what we shall be.

The greatest teacher in the world identified himself with the Father of Love, the “Infinite Being” who
alone exists, and there can be no other, - no other power but His, no other Life but His,
no other Intelligence but His, in fact all must be Infinite for there can be no outside Him otherwise He
could not be Infinite.

This leads us to seek within, for the truth of our own Being, Jesus said the Kingdom of Heaven is
within you and as we become more acquainted with his scientific mind so we will realize that He is
still the worlds greatest leader in modern thought, for modern science and modern thinking today
reveal this fact, and we are finding out more and more that that he said and demonstrated is actually

Man may for a time please himself but in the end he can only please God, as the law relentlessly
brings home to him, what be sows so shall he reap.

We play a part in the great scheme of creation according to the nature or inclination of the Infinite
creative principle, through the Divine thought operating through mankind as a means of bringing
about “thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven”.

Jesus was an international figure and his teaching is proof of this fact. He made us beware lest we
be caught up in the net of  race thought, nationalities, creeds, politics, disease, ignorance and death.

He showed that we must refuse to identify ourselves with fami1y, tradition, state or church for none  
is your “Father which is in Heaven.” This alone can give us power over the things of this world, and
with the true vision of our Divine potentialities we are able to move forward into a new world proving
that we are really the sons and daughters of God. “Know ye not that ye have the things before ye ask”

The great mass struggle that we see going on everywhere is the result of the inner struggle of the
individual. In the midst of amazing scientific achievements we find ourselves in a world torn by
craving for things of this world, a world sick and disabled and depressed. Anyone can see that the
ravaging effects are world wide, revealing a deep underlying error in our whole civilization.

Yet we know that this will eat itse1f out in the end, and will be the means of mankind discerning his
own mistakes, that man may please himself for a while but in the end he finds that  the only way to
peace and happiness is to please God. “For he maketh the sun to rise on the evil and on the good
and sendeth the rain to the Just and the unjust.”

True statesmanship requires clear thinking from cause to effect and this cannot be done by those
who are merely politicians, who make vain attempts to solve problems without understanding the
fundamental laws governing human life. So the masses become The victims of their own ignorance,
being unaware of the power of the law of properly directed thought, they hold on to their  old fixed
mental habits and become deceived by propaganda.

Our habits of thought must be studied, understood and corrected; not until our thoughts become truly
intelligent can we have results that will satisfy the human heart.

We p1ace our confidence in those who are ignorant of the true law of Life, we ignorantly pin our faith
in the power of things seen, the power of things already created, remaining blind to the fact that
these things are but effects of thought and ideas in the mind of man. These things are not the source
from which we should draw to “live” to “think” to “reason”, being effects and  not causes and have no
power except the power we give them.

On account of our lack of understanding the truth that we must identify ourselves with our Creator first
of all, we have become the victim of our own creation. Yet though this state or things we will be led
through discernment into the true Law of Life which is the only sure foundation for the assurance or
health, happiness, and prosperity and a   civilized civilization, for you cannot say that we are civilized
in the face of what is happening in the world today.

If our civilization with its rail roads, steamship, airships, great cities and modern inventions is to
evade the fate bygone civilizations we must at once recognise the importance of the spiritual as the
source of material things and that correct thinking in accordance with the Higher Intelligence will
bring fruitful results.

We will then be true instruments in the hands of an Intelligence that is all-Intelligent and He makes
His  wishes known to us through our understanding that we are made in His likeness.

“For if you 1ove only those who love you what credit is that to you.” These are the words of the
Master whose ideas were the essence of logic. He showed the meaning and purpose of man's inner
struggle as the way leading him to the source of all life in order he might consciously co-operate with
this all-originating  Life-intelligence in creating for himself what was his own. “Son, thou art ever with
me and all that I have is thine” Luke XV.31

We must help our leaders with all the power we possess to carry our civilization on to a more
magnificent proof of the Eternal Creative Power of God revealed in us.

This power was revealed to the Master who discovered the power within himself and he gave us the
method to direct and control  the forces manifesting  in all nature. By drawing on this power as
individuals we can draw upon the unlimited resources of the universe to build and maintain a greater

As individuals in the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power, we are imbued with the creative power
in action through us, and there is nothing to stop this progress we have set in motion for we know
that the source of all power lies in God within ourse1ves, and there is no separation.

We can influence the minds of individuals who are at the head of affairs to bring about the desired
results. “Where two or three are gathered together “in my name” and consciously transcend the
mortal sense they can bring about things beyond the understanding of the mortal sense. “For there I
am in their midst”.


Dearly Beloved One, dressed in Thy Beauty clean and holy, Thou didst send me to play in the fields
Thou hast prepared for me.
But  I played in the darkness with ignorance and lost myself in the mire of suffering. I went out clean
and came back to Thee besmirched with mud of illusion.
O' Divine Presence, wash with thy Love and Wisdom and make me clean again. I lost everything
while roaming in the darkness.
O' Adorable One, Love of my heart, the tiny candle of light of my remembrance of Thee was not
wholly   extinguished by the gusts of disbelief. I loved all things only to find that I needed thee alone.
Come with me, O Beloved-Be with me always.


I am very grateful to receive from you contributions for the work of the Sanctuary. As the work is
growing by leaps and bounds your contributions are most welcome. These are placed in the
Sanctuary for blessings on both the givers and the gifts.

Yours sincerely,

A new course of lectures by Dr M. MacDonald-Bayne is commencing on Thursday the 5th of August,
1948, and the following Thursday at 7:45 p.m. in the Auditorium, Escom House Rissik Street,
Johannesburg and on Tuesday the 3rd of August, 1948, and every following Tuesday at 7:45 pm in
the Women's Club, 4th floor, Sanlam Building, Pretoria.
These classes are not open to the public but those who wish to make application can do so and will
be considered.


Blessings friends of Dr Mac I pray that the Universe is sending you all that you desire. Below is
another of Dr Mac's original newsletters that he sent out to members in April 1948. I hope that you
enjoy it as much as I. If you would like to share any thoughts or realizations please feel free to email
me, I would love to hear from you.
The Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power is going along very well and indeed is now world
wide having members of all Nationalities, Cultures and Religious back grounds. More and more
people are finding their way to the web site. The love for fellow beings does indeed cross all
boundaries. Healings are taking place on all levels and reported to me daily. Bless all who are
sending out prayers and love to those on the list. My friends my prayers and blessings go out to you
each day and I ask that you please send your prayers and love  out to those that are on the Healing
list too. If there is anything that I can do for you please just ask. I am here in your service.

Your friend on the path


Lecture 2 April 1948
My dear friends,
This month has been a glorious month, hundreds of names have been added to the Sanctuary and
the work done has been phenomenal. We are indeed glad to report this to you, because of the fact
that you are tuning in to these Sanctuary times which is on every three-hour period from 12 o'clock
noon right round the clock (some are tuning in at one period and others at another), therefore we
have a complete Healing Force in operation all the time with the result that many letters have been
received and I an quoting just a few here.
“l am happy now to say I am perfectly well and back at school with a strange new happiness in my
heart. I am deeply grateful for the wonderful healing received through the Sanctuary.”
“My mother and father are now in the best of health and spirits. My father's leg is stronger than ever,
his appetite has returned and he is now a new man. Thank you.”
“My hearing has improved enormously. I am so thankful that I put my name down on the Sanctuary
Register for your marvelous help. I am most grateful for all you did. It is lovely to think that I am
privileged to belong to the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power. God bless you.”
“Ever so many thanks for your monthly letter which I love to receive. They have been a source of
inspiration and I am looking forward to them now each month. I pass them along to my friends and
they are enjoying them immensely. In fact both their outlook and health have greatly improved. I am
teaching mentally deficient children and with the Sanctuary help they are slowly and surely improving
every day. Many are learning to read and write and all are learning to be sociable and co-operative
and to love life. Thank you ever so much.”
“l want to report to the Sanctuary that my boy of five years is now perfectly well again and taking his
food without any trouble what's so ever.”
“ My little son became suddenly very ill with a temperature of 105. We were distracted, the Dr wanted
to wait further developments. When I telephoned for help a miracle happened, fifteen minutes
afterwards the boy was completely well.”
“ My little daughter was to me exceedingly ill with a temperature of 103 and I telephoned you. After
treatment she recovered miraculously. You can well understand our anxiety at this time.”

These are only a few of the many cases that have been aided during this period,.

Jesus taught us a definite system of logical reasoning which would produce in us Divine inspiration
and the experience in the mode of action through which God finds expression through the individual.
He taught that God and the individual are one, impossible of separation (“The Father and I are one”)
and this was the perfect expression of the individual who realised it and what keeps us from enjoying
it is simplify our ignorance of this fact. Our ignorance of this truth keeps us in bondage to all sorts of
If we live in our past experiences and fear the future we will never know the eternal Present which is
now and always will be now. The great truth that we must see and realise, not just as a mental
concept but as a living Reality, is that the Divine mind makes things by becoming these things. Then
it follows that Divine Mind must become the individual for it can not be other than its own natural
In the individual and through the individual the Divine is pressing forward into fuller and fuller
expression of Itself, therefore becomes fuller and fuller in the life of the individual who realizes it. And
anything that limits the expression of the Divine Nature in the individual must also be retarding the
progress of the individual, and this retarding progress can only come about by the individual who is
ignorant of the great “truth that sets you free,” the individual being the universal in “Individuality”
The question that rises in the mind of many is how can this great truth become a reality, how can it
be acquired. The way is so simple that it baffles most and the way is that we have only to fully realize
it by continuous realization.
Now some will exclaim that it is beyond their comprehension and if they did comprehend it, it was far
beyond the quality of their faith. Yet it is through this understanding that our faith grows.
We take for granted the Life Principle working through our physical organism. We trust Natures
working laws but when we learn the truth the Master taught we will use our inherent powers by
assuming them to be as natural as any other .
The Infinite to be Infinite must include all, there cannot be any outside. All must be in the Infinite and
all must be Infinite, every particle of substance we see or feel and that which is beyond our sight and
touch must be Infinite in nature, therefore there is not one particle of the Universe, not one particle of
substance, that can be destroyed. It may change its form and in so doing, we, being ignorant of the
Law of transition (changing from one form to another) call this “death and decay” and many other
names, but science has proved to us that all matter is energy and has an atomic base and is
indestructible in nature.
Solids may turn to fluids, fluids may turn to vapour and vapour to the ether of space yet the same
base that made solid matter still remains and this fills boundless space. Only the vibration is
changed, therefore the Life Conscientiousness or Infinite which becomes all forms is eternal in
nature, expressing itself in a variety of forms, then we realize that the individual consciousness can
be none other than the Infinite Consciousness itself individualized. That is why you and I are
indestructible, our consciousness will remain to unfold in the Eternal Infinite Being by giving greater
and fuller expression to the Infinite Life as we realize it more and more.
Jesus taught in parables as it was impossible to unveil the Truth to the masses. Although he taught
his disciples the inner working of the Laws yet he told then that the real significance of what he taught
would be revealed by the Spirit within themselves. The time would come when the inner meaning of
his words would dawn upon then and so it is with us, and when this happens we wonder why we did
not discern his true meaning long ago.
The trouble is that most people cling to their experiences and disregard the truth of their being with
the result that they ignorantly use the creative power to produce more and more negative
experiences and then rebel, not knowing that they themselves are the creators. This discovery
cannot be made for us; we must find it ourselves.
This is shown clearly in the parable of the prodigal Son. The state of sonship had never altered for
either of the two brothers but in different ways they each missed the true position as sons.
One limited himself by separating off a particular share of the Fathers goods for himself and
because he accepted his portion as a limited share instead of the whole, his share was speedily
exhausted leaving him in misery and want. He went off on his own into the wilderness of his intellect
and lost sight of the Father who was his very life and substance.
The other brother limited himself by supposing that he had no power to draw upon his Fathers stores
but must wait until some specific occasion arose so that he may ask permission to do so, not
realizing that it was his inherent right to partake of all that he needed and it was the Father's pleasure
to give “All that is mine is thine”.
The younger son took up the false idea of independence, thinking that he could do well on his own,
while the other although staying in the Father's house thought he had no independence at all. The
younger son finds his dependence on his own resources fail him miserably so he returns to find that
he still has a position of honour and is capable of receiving all in the Father's house.
The other son rebuked by the simple words “All that is mine is thine, why wait for me to give you what
is yours already.”
You see it is impossible to make a more clear statement of the relations between the universal and
the individual mind, both are interlocked together and are impossible of separation.
The Universal gives rise to the individual and the individual expression to the Universal, therefore the
individual acting Universal can draw whatever the individual requires but this can be done the true
relationship must be rea1ized.
This is the birthright given to us by our Father. We live in the Father and there can be no other home
for He is Infinite and the only way the Father can express Himself through us is our awareness of the
Father united in us, and whatever we ask the Father will provide. But this law of recognition must be
maintained against all doubt or against disappointment for the Father's ways are not ours.
He knows best and the way is found when we hold on. “What man is there of you when if his son
asks bread will give him a serpent. If ye then being ignorant know how to give good things unto your
children, how much shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to those who ask him”
We now see clearly the simple fact that the only possible action of the Universal Mind or Life
Principal must be to always press upon us a fuller and fuller expression of Itself in strict accordance
with the condition each individual provides for its manifestation.
When we realize that the foundation of His expression rests in a harmonious state of mind, we can
easily grasp the condition we have to maintain so that this expression shall be complete.
If there are conditions in your life that prevent this true expression discern then quietly, do not
struggle with them but see that they can have no place in the scheme of things. You will find very
soon that fear, anger, jealousy, possessiveness, anxiety, sickness, and want, all these things will die
at the roots because you will no longer feed them.
When we begin to express from moment to moment through our doing we will be giving expression
to that Life which is behind all things, which is impersonal in nature and thus we can use it for any
purpose of our individual needs. But we can only do this by abiding in the Father's house and
conforming to the law of that House which is LOVE.
There can be no envy or Jealousy in the Father's House, no antagonisms, no differing creeds, all are
of the one family feasting at the Father's table, loving one another.
Therefore Love is the very thing that puts us in possession of this Limitless power of drawing from
the Infinite Source which is Love itself. “Ye have heard it hath been said Thou shalt love thy neighbour
and hate thine enemies but I say unto you love your enemies. Bless them that curse you, do good
unto them that despitefully use you and persecute you that ye may be children of your Father which is
in Heaven.”
We are all children of the same family, recognizing one Father-Mother-God. We are no longer
limited by creeds and orthodoxy and all sorts of conditions imposed upon us by ourselves and others
“Son thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine.”
So as soon as we are enlightened as the elder brother was, that there is no other restriction except
the Law of Love, we enter into the house of the Lord and Join in the festival of everlasting Joy. This is
the teaching of the great Master who left us a Legacy, no treasure is like unto it.

Oh, Divine Presence, unite our hearts with Thine to rest in Thee forever.
Teach us to hold ourselves open to Thy Divine expression.
Let the flame of Thy Love in our hearts soar triumphantly above the din of social, problems and
differing creeds until the light of Thy Love has swallowed up everything.
May I see myself always one with Thee.
I pray Thee I may behold Thy Love in others and in the light of that great Love may I behold Thy
unveiled face.

Yours Sincerely,


Lecture I (7th August 1947)


When you, a spiritual being, are born into this world you build into your personality and outer life what
is supplied by the earth and its atmosphere. You do not become embodied in virgin soil by no
means. I do hope that you recognise this fact. For the Substance you draw upon has already been
utilised by others who have preceded you.
Every particle you use has been saturated by those who utilised them and to a great extent you are
affected by these particles which make up your external organism including your mind.
Your mind accepts the thoughts of those who have gone before you, for very few are original
thinkers. Only those who have stepped out of the commonplace of everyday thinking have given the
world something new. The world does not accept it all at once, only those minds capable of receiving
are the first fruits, then others follow and eventually the whole world accepts. That is why men and
women only become great many years after they have left the earth plane.
But there is one way of affecting everyone on earth without even their knowing it. This method
requires study and development by those who engage in it. The fact that it is Silent in its nature does
not arouse the antagonism of the limited erroneous pre-existing ideas and superstitions of man
which the ignorant cherish and cling to as if they were true.
The mind does not absorb new ideas readily because they clash with accepted ideas, which are old
and worn out and have long ago become useless.
Man clings to the old ideas of separation and superstition created by the various beliefs which clash
with one another only because of different ideas, but you will observe that these ideas
are man-made, and have become limited beliefs that are at the bottom of all separation.
When the new knowledge of our Spiritual universe is revealed to man he does not take to it at first
because it supersedes his limited ideas of the material world, of his religion, philosophy or system
which has become his habitual, limited and static belief.
It is only half a century ago since the new idea that the mind had something to do with the functions of
the body was even accepted by those who were our leaders in thought. Since then
psychology has made itself known to many yet millions have never  given it a thought. Now the
previous ideas of psychology  have been superseded with new ideas and out of this several schools
of thought have risen, some opposed to each
Science has made great strides in the molecular and atomic energy. Science is discerning the
wonders of the new age in the material sense, but few have reached out to the truly great and only
safe science, the Science of the Spiritual Universe which is behind the material universe. Without
this knowledge chaos must necessarily exist in the world, because the Laws which are a protection
for mankind are revealed only in the Spiritual and not the material and that is why you and many
more like you have realized this fact but have seen no way to spread this great truth, for the simple
reason that most people will reject it as they did two thousand years ago with the advent of the Man
of Galilee.
Now you must all know by now, especially the students who followed me from the beginning, that I am
the mouth-piece of the great Spiritual Forces that are working to help mankind (in spite-of man's
ignorance and disbelief for they are also linked up with the progress of mankind. When I say this I do
not put myself forward as one who is superior to any of You, my brothers and
sisters, for I am only that humble instrument peculiarly made, as you might say, to be a link between
the higher Spiritual Beings in the inner realms and the Spiritual Beings in the outer who will one day
become Spiritual Beings in the inner and will “see” with a greater love and understanding. Their one
purpose will be to help their brothers and sisters in the outer, those whom they have left behind and
those who will come after, and will know there is no separation for we are all of the one Life whether
we are conscious on the outer plane or conscious on the inner planes.
The Christ Life is the only Life that exists in all, and the Christ still lives, the true Source and only
Source to look to for freedom from fear, worry, sickness and conflict. For this Life is the source of
true happiness, no matter what name we have given it, interpreted through the different religions.
Thus I am instructed to instruct you in the great universal movement to help mankind through the
Silent Healing Power which in itself has all the power to unfold in man that Angelic Power which will
lift mankind out of the state it is in today. You have been called to this great work, a blessing which
you will see, will not only help your brothers and sisters but for yourselves will be a glory
un-suspected by the most imaginative.
You will be pleased to know that Sanctuaries of the Silent Healing Power have been established all
over the world. In America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,India, Great Britain,
Ireland, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and other European countries including Russia. All
over the earth those Sanctuaries will be linking in conjunction with thousands like yourselves in the
quietness of their daily receiving and broad-casting into the atmosphere this Current of Life carrying
with it Love, Wisdom and Healing for all mankind.
Above the Mighty Himalayas there has always been a mighty Spiritual centre of which the physical
world has never heard. Masters are in direct communication with this Mighty power for
the upliftment of Mankind.
I myself, when in the Himalayas with the Masters, made contact with these great Angelic Forces, call
it the Christ power if you wish for that is what it is, others call it by other names but it is the one great
Infinite Light and Love that surrounds the earth being directly mediated to earth through the medium
of the Solar Angels. This one Power is linked up in every living soul on earth and it is the only Source
of our being though few are aware of it. By our conscious awareness of it we open ourselves to it
and by our acceptance of it it expresses itself through us, we become God's channel for the
unfoldment of this Angelic Power latent in all.
God is the only living Being there is and you live because He lives silently within you and becomes
active in your life immediately you become aware of Him.
The atmosphere surrounding the earth, as I explained in my communication to you with reference to
the Sanctuary of the Silent Healing Power, is permeated with the thoughts of mankind, thoughts of
sickness, hate, jealousy, antagonism between individuals. groups and nations.
Ignorant man is continuously reacting to this thought atmosphere and by doing so not only adds to it
but is drawing these conditions upon himself or herself according to the attitude of mind they hold,
creating more misery for themselves and others.
Fear rules the heart of most men and women, everyone is afraid of something and few trust each
other. Confidence has disappeared and mankind is divided against itself. Although we are all linked
up in the great Angelic Stream of Life which is Love, Wisdom and Healing, yet the mind of man is
not receptive to it mostly because he has never felt it or become aware of it, being ruled by the
emotion of fear and by other influences that surround him, but our work will definitely help to change
all this.
Now let me explain to you the state required so that you can join in receiving and expressing of this
Mighty Force that will revolutionize the thinking of mankind.
1.The mind must be free from disturbances, steady, light and glad, open to this Power that will free
the Life in all its beauty and loftiness. This will free become more evident to you as you tune in at the
specific times in this communication.
2.You must endeavour to get rid of the habit of the invasion of troubling thoughts, wrong feelings such
as envy, jealousy, anger, reaction to things, people, circumstances and the confusion of ideas about
the various religions, philosophies and systems that cling to the mind.
3.You must not struggle with these things, for you will note that this makes things worse and as you
discern deeply you will see that these things matter little because they are relative to you and have
no power except the power you give them, for Life (Love and Wisdom) is free and natural and is not
affected by any of these things or conditions and it is with this Life  alone we are concerned and
nothing else, It being the only Reality. If you struggle with thoughts and wrong movements that come
to you from outside you make them your own and this only further disturbs the nature and makes it
more difficult for the Force to work.
4.To be a real help in the expression of this Divine Power your mind must be quiet and at peace so
that the Force can be received and expressed in its true nature-Love and Wisdom.
5.You will observe that these instructions supersede all other systems or studies of the past, even the
studies of the art of the mind does not compare with it, neither can you compare it with any form of
meditation you have tried. Neither is it that vacant state of mind that most people engage in for this
allows the mind to open to all the influences of the thought atmosphere that surrounds you. It does not
matter to what religion or sect you belong, it is this one Power that acts through all even if most
people are blind to it. To be a real channel you must study these instructions and try to grasp their full
and deeper meaning. The state required is a state of awareness, alertness, with the mind calm so
that nothing can disturb it. The mind is then not ruffled or agitated;if activities come from outside
there is no reaction to them and these pass across the mind leaving no trace, as l explained in one  
of my lectures, like a flight of birds crossing a windless sky. Even if the most violent events take
place outside there remains that indestructible peace, that peace that passes all  understanding that
peace of the Christ within. In this state you will be in tune with that Angelic Power of Love, Wisdom
and Healing and you will be  of real service to the world.
6.You must not try to give this Angelic Power a mental form nor add anything to it but remain calm,
composed, unexcited, impersonal. It certainly means not only a presence but “THE PRESENCE”.
You need not try to define it or turn it into an image of The Presence, for this Presence in its nature is
“Infinite”.  What It has to manifest of Itself or out of Itself It will do inevitably by its own power when
there is a  sustained acceptance by you. Many will feel the thrill of the Mighty Power pouring through
them and this of itself is ample reward for it leaves its Presence with you. It is impossible  to imagine
the great benefits you yourselves will derive for it fulfils every personal need as well.
7. Now let me explain to you the times when you can take part in the broadcasting of this Angelic
Power for the benefit of all mankind.
The most positive time of the day is 12 o'clock noon when the sun is at its meridian and every three
hours afterwards are suitable times, such as 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9pm, 12 midnight, 3am, 6an,
9am, and so round the clock daily. It is not necessary for you to engage in all these times, the times
most suitable for you for a few minutes wherever you may be is all that is necessary  This is also the
time for all throughout the world. You will note that as the earth revolves and as the work will cover the
whole earth, there will be a continual  flow of Divine Power moving round the world. There will be no
time when this Love and wisdom will not be dissolving away the chaotic atmosphere created by
mankind. At the same time mankind will receive the Angelic Power in his or her own heart and mind
to make it his or her own. Thus your work will be the greatest blessing that was ever offered to the
world, for the Christ can live again in the hearts of man and woman.

As this message has been given to me by my Mentor so it is passed on to you.
May this Love and Wisdom of our Glorious, Indescribable,Adorable Loving Father-Mother-God and
the Light of His Mighty Angels surround you in your great and glorious work.



Our Father-Mother-God, we are all Thy children. We are seeking our way back to our Source, the
one Abode of Light. Show us the one Highway of common realization to where all bye-paths must
eventually lead.
All religions are but branches of the One Tree of Truth, some yet unaware of the One Life within that
Tree, which is the only Reality. Help all to see this Life.
In the one Temple of Silence the chorus of many religions is heard by Thee, yet their differences
serve to separate us from each other.
Teach us to chant in that one harmony of Love so that the melody of all Souls shall sing as one with
Universal understanding of the one Life and Immortality.
For the first time since they were recorded you can now hear this Masters actual
voice as it sounded to his students. Listen to
Murdo live in lecture
These recordings can be purchased in MP3 CD form, in boxed sets, see Mystica for
further details.