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Ahimsa have been very successfully taking Hand Psychology readings for well over 30 years now
and has had clients (many, many hundreds) the length and breadth of New Zealand and now has
a large and fast growing  number of clients internationally. This unique form of Hand Psychology
differs somewhat from  Palmistry in as much as it is
not fortune telling  but is more an analysis of
the potential that lies within.
You may learn about ones character, personality, talents &  
(Scientific Palmistry coupled alongside Psychic insight). But unlike predictions based on
mere glimpses into the future, these psychologically-based predictions are almost always right.
Ninety nine percent of all clients have come to him from near and far because of the fact that the
readings are
not fortune telling. Clients  receive a full written report of their reading then follow
up with email consultations (highly recommended) if they wish at no extra cost. Here he can find
your potential strengths, your talents & abilities, the type of occupation best suited to your
unique character or the spiritual path you may wish to follow. You may also learn your
weaknesses, personality traits &  parts of your make up that are holding you back or making life
unbearable for you. You may learn WHY you behave like you do or WHY you tend to disagree  
with your partner, boss or parents. By learning ABOUT YOU, you can make your life go the way
YOU want it to. This can be a great problem solving tool. Readings are taken from a
photocopy/scan of your working hand (most used hand) and take from
6-12 hours   to complete
as these are not computer generated readings  but
individual readings unique just to you.
Particular questions may also be addressed (if able) during the reading &
ongoing counselling is
available for those with  health and spiritual issues.
Questions and discussions are welcome for those who take a reading and in fact are encouraged
as much more on a personal level can be reveled and many a problem taken care of. This is where
the uniqueness of your reading takes place

All readings are private & confidential and treated in a professional manner.

When one compares the investment price of the reading : (1) The time taken overall preparing a
reading. (2) The written report. (3) Consultation time,  with a telephone Psychic line call  at the
average price $4.99-$5.99 + gst per minute you can see that this is a very fair price indeed. Cost
goes towards the running of this web site.

Below are some examples of past readings (names and places have been changed to protect privacy
and confidentiality)has
Case #1 (condensed with permission)

Alice a 18 year old young lady had left school and was floundering in life not knowing what to do
for a job. Her future looked quite bleak as she lived in a small country town with not much chance
of a good job, living on social welfare and with many of her friends just sitting around, partying,
taking drugs &   waiting to get pregnant……..Her mother, a well known Psychic in the area sent her
for a consultation/reading. Her reading showed in a number of places that this young lady had  
very good artistic ability, that she had the ability of being her own person and  be able in using
that talent in a occupation and in fact would be happiest doing just that. It did however show as
well that she had not used this ability and just put it away on the back burner.         Also showing
was that her confidence and self esteem was very much down. When this was all set before her,
her reaction to the "artistic ability" was "Oh you know the teachers at my collage ALL said that
very same thing too, but I never took them at all seriously & my friends have told me too that I
have a flair for design and art. Mum has told me as well" Her confidence and self esteem had
plunged since the separation of her parents plus the fact she had remained in the background
family wise, taking a bit of a backseat to mother being "the famous one" in the family.
Now to many, this as a reading, may not be a mind blowing experience, but to this young lady it
was the spark that ignited a flame, that when fuelled BY HER  became a bright little fire. As a
outcome she returned to see me after around six weeks with the news of……she had started a
small business course to learn how to do her taxes, gst etc &  handle clients paperwork etc and
was working FOR HERSELF  part time to fit with her study, creating signs & logos  for business’s,
shops & stores. She had also returned to see a old school counsellor to deal with her other issues.
Did she think that her reading was money well spent? Her reply was "I can earn that back in one
day, no sweat!"
Did mum think it was money well spent? Her reply "you just better believe it!"

Case #2 (condensed with permission)

This was a reading for Harold a gentleman of around 59 years old.
No reason given for the reading he just a posted photocopy of the hand and a telephone number
(that is how Ahimsa worked at that time preferring to know nothing of the client until after he
had written the report). Ahimsa made no  contact with him until after the reading was written out
not knowing his age, sex or location. Harold arrived for consultation and Ahimsa showed him the
written report going through it part by part explaining  it each step of the way. To make a long
consultation short for you the reader, the essence was that all through the reading, time after
time in many areas, it pointed to the fact that EACH time he was in a RELATIONSHIP with a lady it
had failed! When presented with this statement from a person whom he had never met before
and knew nothing of his life he was quite stunned. “Relationships bah, I have been married three
bloody times and each one was more miserable than the last, how the hell did you know that”?
As we progressed through the report there also showing time and  again, in a number of areas,
that he was fiercely independent, a person who could think for himself, someone who placed
great value on his own freedom, a person that  didn’t need to rely on others and one that knew
his own mind. It also showed him to be an extreme  perfectionist and that his chosen occupation
may reflect this. Starting to get the picture why his relationships didn’t stand a chance? Click, click,
Ok it was making sense now for him now he could see that he would not have been the most
lovable guy in the world to be married to. Oh and by the way his occupation…aircraft engineer! As
he stated “I have to be perfect otherwise people die” Trouble was he did not know how to turn
off the perfection button at the end of his day and home it went with him to the woes of his
partner/s. So now the problem was out in the open and he could see that “yes that is how I have
been, these are traits I have and can see that they have been the relationship shakers”
Now what to do next? This part is the client responsibility. Ahimsa but can fan the spark to get it
hot, you the client can either add the fuel it to make it burn bright or let it die. The choice is yours.
The past has gone but the future is yet untouched……If one is aware of negative traits or quirks of
character, then we can be forearmed…..knowledge  gives us choice,  we can explain these to our
next partner and maybe come up with a code, a sign or a way of putting up a subtle back off flag.
Sometimes a kiss and cuddle with a “you seem tense today, would you like some alone time”  may
be the code…..or more in-depth counselling may relieve the pressure.
Anyway back to Harold his parting cry was “I wish I had come to you years ago……I would have
saved a bleeping fortune in divorce fees!”
Some years after Ahimsa met Harold again and he had taken the “bull by the horns” and got as he
said “sorted” and was working through “stuff” with a professional counsellor.

Did he feel that his reading was worth while? Indeed he did! “Money dam well spent”
Dear Ahimsa, thank you for your reading,
it has given me the confidence to follow
now with gusto the path that I have
choosen. You clarified that I was on
track. Loving regards Golden Dove
(Sarah) USA.