Murdo MacDonald-Bayne was born the 21st day of June 1887, at Kenmore, Perthshire, Scotland,
the second son of a farmer. He was named Murdo Bayne MacDonald, Bayne being his mother’s
maiden name, which he later used as a nom de plume.
His early childhood was spent in the strict, religious environment of a typical Scottish family, and
when only six or seven years old, he had a very moving spiritual experience. He saw the features
of the Christ on the closed window of his room. Frightened by this, he fainted. After the
experience he found he could see and hear things of which other people were unaware. He
found, too, that he could jump from a height and stop himself in mid-air, and slow down to land
gently. This was a yoga feat of which he learned more later on. Yet it was also at that time when,
going with his elder brother into the fields and jumping over a brook, he landed on a loose piece
of barbed wire and one of the barbs penetrated his left eye. In hospital, his uncle, who removed
the eye, operated on him and thereafter he always wore a glass eye.
As a young man he started studying to become a doctor but after a few years he found his
medical studies too materialistically oriented and dropped them. Later in life he was bestowed
with the degrees of Doctorate of Divinity and Philosophy. In 1913, he married, and two sons
eventually were born of this union.

                                                  THE WAR YEARS
In 1914, when war was declared, he joined the Highland Light Infantry and, being a very good
piper, he was made “Pipe Major,” serving throughout with distinction and earning his first
Commission on the 16th of September, 1917, as Second Lieutenant, to become Lieutenant on the
16th of March, 1919. He was honoured with the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and the
Military Cross.
It was in France, at the battle of Somme that Dr. Mac was badly wounded and left for dead on the
field for four days. This is his own description of what happened: “During that period of time
spent ‘on the other side’ I was instructed to return to my physical body, for my work was to tell
the Truth to the world. When they came to remove the corpses for burial in a mass grave, one of
the ambulance men heard my groan and said, “There's a live one here!” I was brought to the
medical field station and immediately operated on. I heard distinctly the doctor mentioning that
there was a possibility of losing the other eye and I decided in myself that was not going to
happen. During the whole operation I was aware of what was taking place, although unable to
speak, for one of the wounds was in the throat. So, out of the body assisted at this operation.
After recovery and convalescence, I rejoined the Forces and went through the Near East
He was demobilized in 1920 with a Victory Medal, then took his family to New Zealand/Aotearoa
and Australia. As the children grew older, Mrs MacDonald-Bayne returned to England for their
Dr. Mac (as he was affectionately known to his students) started his Healing Campaign and toured
some 23 countries, giving lectures wherever he went as his mission was to teach and heal. At this
early stage, his teaching was more psychologically oriented, based on the theory that what you
want and visualize, you will get, even if it is not suitable for your evolution. This attitude changed
later, after sojourns in India where he studied and mastered yoga, becoming proficient in the
practice of deep breathing. Some of these exercises are given in his books and recordings.
The College Of Universal Science was started in Manchester, England, in the 1930’s, where he
taught Metaphysics. One day, when in Edinburgh, he received a message to, “Go to
Johannesburg,” where he was to do much spiritual work. He was then accompanied by his sister,
Mrs. Chisholm, who kept house for him and took care of him, as his wife and children remained in
England. When he came to Johannesburg and Cape Town, it must have been somewhere in the
mid 1930’s, for he taught and started a Healing Center in Cape Town around that time.
It was at this stage that Dr. Mac was given another spiritual message, urging him to “Come to
Tibet.” His devotion, his relentless desire to know and find the Truth, the purpose of his being
here on earth, developed in him a deep spirituality.

So when the message came, he left immediately, journeyed through India and reached the
Himalayas. If you are fortunate enough to acquire his books, Beyond the Himalayas and The Yoga
of the Christ, you will find details of his experiences and travels in Tibet, of spending time and
study and practice of the higher spiritual instructions which he received from the living Masters
and formed the foundation for his later teachings.
He travelled many miles through rugged Tibetan terrain, visiting lamaseries where he witnessed
extraordinary feats and demonstrations of both a spiritual and physical nature. He developed his
talents of telepathy and learned to leave his body at will, mastered pranayama, and acquired a
profound knowledge of the Eternal and Everlasting Life through meditations of several days’
Upon returning to the so-called civilized world, Dr. Mac resumed his travels, establishing further
centers in Australia,
New Zealand/Aotearoa, Canada and the United States. Even today, there are
people in various countries who still remember his talks and healing sessions.

He was guided once again to go back to South Africa and one of his former pupils, Mr. Andrew
Hutt, formally introduced Dr. Mac to the public gatherings in Johannesburg and Pretoria around
1944. It was here he expanded his College of Universal Science and the Sanctuary of The Silent
Healing Power, and in no time he became very well known, lecturing twice a week, in
Johannesburg on a Thursday and in Pretoria on Tuesdays, continuing in his healing work daily as
well as constantly writing. His Monthly Letters were sent out worldwide bringing much help and
guidance to many. It was in the mid 1940’s that his talks began to be preserved on wire
No one was ever refused help and many are they that can vouch for his power of healing, even at
a distance. He would appear at the bedside of a person who had asked for help, for he was able,
as said before, to leave his body at will and appear at any place where needed. With the help of
his spiritual teachers and the Masters of Tibet he did achieve some remarkable feats, some will
say ‘miraculous healings’. Let me relate some of these happenings.
Mr. A. was at the time a young well-known racing driver on the South African circuit. He lived with
his parents in Cape Town. One day, working on a racing car in his garage with a mechanic friend,
he noticed that a jack supporting the side of the car was slipping while his friend was still busy
underneath. Realizing the danger to his friend, Mr. A. without hesitation grabbed the bumper of
the car, held it up and shouted to the mechanic to get out, which he did.
The family’s doctor was contacted and he wanted the young man brought in to hospital for X-
rays. The results showed crushed vertebrae and from that spot on down he could not move,
which meant paralysis of the lower limbs. He could be kept in hospital for a long time with
prospects of a very big operation. It was suggested, but they were not sure of it at all. His mother,
who was a very dear friend of Dr. Mac, phoned him, explained the predicament and asked, ‘What
must I do?” He said, ‘I’ll treat him in the meantime but you must bring him up.” This was done
with considerable difficulty by ambulance and by train, as young Mr. A. could not move. Within
one treatment he was able to move again. After the second treatment he was touching his toes.
He was returned to his family, whole and hearty, and able to walk. The mother took him back to
the hospital in Cape Town, where further X-rays were taken revealing no disorder and the
physician commented, “Well, all I can say is, it’s a bloody wonder!”
Many are the cases reported where, on seeing the patient for the first time, while still in the
consulting room Dr. Mac would tell the patient: “You come to me for ‘this or that’ trouble and
your doctor cannot help you. Now come here and just follow my advice and we will fix this up for
you.” He would have the patient lie on a table and relax them thoroughly … relax, relax, relax …
and leave them to rest, some even falling into a light sleep. After the patient had relaxed Dr. Mac
would come in and speak to their mind, to communicate on a subconscious level, “Health,” and
through his power give direction of how one must live. He would give them that message to live
by. One of his favoured thought-seeds was, “Father, you do not suffer from this, neither can your
child.” He left the patient resting quietly until they came out of the relaxed state. The results
were 90 per cent successful healings.
There was the case of a four-year-old girl with a sty on her left eyelid, which the family doctor
wanted to remove surgically. Instead, the mother brought her to Dr. Mac and he said, “Come on
now, I’m going to take that lump away.” When he went to apply his hands on her eye, she cried,
“No! You have a big light in your hands,” and went on about this big light in his hands she didn’t
like. So, Dr. Mac thought for a moment and said to her, “All right then, will you let me treat it
with just this one finger?” She replied, “Yes,” she liked it. “Ooh, there were lots of little lights in
his one little finger!” He told her: “In the middle of the night you will wake up and call your
mummy, because you will not be able to open your eye as this sty will have melted away. You will
ask your mummy to wash your eye and your sight will be restored, the sty gone forever.” In the
middle of the night mother was awakened, and as Dr. Mac said, had to wash the eye and remove
discharge, and her little girl was able to see again.
Another case was of our friends whose son, in his early teens, was promised a bicycle for his
birthday. Owing to financial difficulties at the time, the parents could not afford to spend so
much for a present. They explained the position to the child, and he appeared to understand. A
few days later, at breakfast time, the mother noticed that the boy’s face was contorted, so she
told him to stop pulling faces and eat his food, to no avail. The crick stayed, his mouth pulled to
one side. Try as they would, the face remained distorted. So they went to the family doctor who
diagnosed it as ‘epilepsy’ for he could not find anything else. The parents refused to believe him
and, from Potchefstroom, came to Johannesburg to see Dr. Mac. As they came through the door
of the consulting room, Dr. Mac was singing, “You will have to buy a bicycle!” Dr. Mac then
manipulated the young man’s head and neck and brought the face to normal! The parents had to
find a way to buy a bicycle, but how Dr. Mac knew about it remains a mystery!
Once, a friend of mine, Mr. J. Percy, asked Dr. Mac if he could help him to stop smoking, for he
was a heavy smoker. Dr. Mac said to him, “You see through the window that iron gate there? As
you go out of it, stop and light a cigarette and you will see what happens.” Percy did just that. He
took one puff, threw the stump in the street and never smoked again! He is today over eighty
years old. Percy was also afflicted at the time with a very painful bladder complaint. As he was
lying in agony, he decided to phone Dr. Mac in Johannesburg, who told him to hold out for a few
minutes and he would phone back. By the time, Dr. Mac called back shortly after, the pain was
gone and he was completely healed.
In almost all of his lectures Dr. Mac would break the tension by telling a joke or some amusing
anecdote about his life. One incident was of a man one day who came to see him and complained
about the pains in his knees: “Can you bend your knees?” asked Dr. Mac. “No,” said the patient,
“and I cannot pray anymore.” “Why? Do you kneel to pray?” asked Dr. Mac. “Yes, and now I
cannot pray. But how do you pray if you do not kneel?” asked the patient. “My life is a constant
prayer,” answered Dr. Mac.
To me, however the most amazing healing done through Dr. Mac was on his own son, Donald. It
was in England in 1953 when Donald MacDonald was taken to the hospital where he was in
observation for a few days. Then came the blow! Cancer was detected and an operation became
necessary, with the wife’s approval.         The doctor said it was a 50-50 chance. A few days before
Christmas, Don was sent home with a ‘one week’ limit to live. But before the operation, Mrs.
MacDonald had contacted her father-in-law Dr. MacDonald-Bayne, in South Africa, who said to
her that he would be with his son during the operation and after. This is what Don revealed to
me: “My father was sitting on the side of my bed and helped me through this painful experience.
And then, at night, he would take me to the Himalayas, to Tibet. This went on and on, until I was
well again. Now, after 31 years, the doctors, when they see me, still call me ‘the miracle cure’.”
Dr Macdonald-Bayne’s teaching, based on the words of the Christ, is simplicity itself … the
knowing of the self, the knowing of the laws of creation, and the freeing of the mind from all
conditioning and limitation. When we free the self, we find Peace within, and then reality
manifests. So our understanding and relationship with others is the first step, then comes the
realization that we can never be separated from Reality, Life, God, the Creator, or when facing
problems…become consciously aware of your Real Self, One with Infinite Reality, my Father, and I
are One.
Dr. Mac told us that after his death and a period of inactivity, his teachings, books and recorded
lectures would spread throughout the world. Dr. MacDonald-Bayne was the author of several
books based on his lectures: The Higher Power You Can Use, I Am The Life, Heal Yourself, Spiritual
and Mental Healing, What Is Mine Is Thine (Parts 1&2), How To Relax and Revitalize Yourself,
Divine Healing of Mind and Body (The Master Speaks Again), Your Life Renewed Every Day," and
Life Everlasting, which was published in 1983.

Dr. Mac gave his lectures in Johannesburg, at Escom House, where an average of 250 people
attended weekly. It was there that he gave the series of talks “The Master Speaks Again,” during
which he was overshadowed by Ascended Masters (1948). In Pretoria, he started lecturing at the
Jewish Memorial Hall, on Beatrix Street, and moved later to the Hall at the Women’s Club, where
the new Sanlam Centre is today, corner of Andries and Pretorius Streets. We were about 90 pupils.
It was also in Pretoria, in 1948, that Dr. Mac gave the series of lectures when he was
overshadowed. He would stand and ask us to be still. As we watched, his whole appearance
changed as well. Some of the pupils said afterwards that it was the face of Jesus which appeared.
It seemed that each one of us, according to his sensibility, saw someone take over; definitely his
stature and face changed and the light certainly not the normal lighting in the hall, for it was light
emanating from the body of Dr. Mac. It was really an amazing experience, quite new to most of us.
Dr. MacDonald-Bayne was really a wonderful man, a great teacher and a very humble healer,
using the tremendous healing powers vested in him for the good of all, applying spiritual, mental
and sometimes physical means to achieve the best results. He was a pioneer of homeopathic
treatment in South Africa. For us, his pupils, he remains our “Master.” Often, he said to us, “I
have chosen you, you have not chosen me.”
A brief physical description of him is as follows: he was of medium height, about 5 ft. 7 inches,
well built, with broad shoulders, a rather round face, clean shaven, and although with only one
blue-gray eye, you could feel the tremendous power of his piercing gaze. Always smiling, and
ready to crack a good joke, he was easy to approach and full of life; relaxed, yet forceful in his
talks. He never looked more than 45 years of age, yet in fact he was nearly 70 years old.
He was a gifted medium and was at all times in contact with the best mediums in the world,
especially in England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. During his healing ministry, Dr.
Mac assisted thousands by his wisdom, practical guidance and his remarkable control of spiritual
forces demonstrated in his earthly mission.
Many patients reporting from New Zealand, Australia and a host of other countries, stated that
Dr. Mac would appear at their side or at the foot of their bed and immediately they felt an
improvement in their condition.
During his stay with us in South Africa, Dr. Mac once or twice spent a holiday in the U.K., and it
was therefore no surprise for his students when, in 1954, he announced his intention to go to
England for six months to visit his family. The intention was to return in the early part of 1955. So
it was that in London he gave two wonderful lectures, which were his last, on the 21st and 22nd
of February, 1955, at Caxton Hall, at which time he was still busy with healing work, writing and
devoting up to 19 hours a day to spiritual duties.
On the 26th of February, 1955, while returning from a show with his sister, Dr. Mac died of a heart
attack in a taxi, in London. Strangely enough, he had written and sent throughout the world his
usual Monthly letter to all students, followers and patients.
His legacy to the world was his dynamic teachings of Truth. Read his books, his lectures, listen to
his recordings, and you will learn much of the secrets of the Masters. In his straightforward and
enlightened manner, he demonstrated profound Knowledge of humanity’s  imperfect struggles to
gain more understanding of themselves and of life. He gave of himself unstintingly to all. Through
him the Love and Wisdom, as had been left to us by Jesus, the Christ, was adapted now to the
thinking of new generations, the New Age. With sincere study and application of his teachings, we
shall be able, each one of us, to reach the goal set for all, the “Kingdom” within. By consciously
changing one’s life inwardly, one can learn to become the channel through which will flow the
great spiritual forces of Life-Love, Wisdom and Power of the Infinite God, Our Father. Go in peace,
my brothers, enjoy your studies, and they will fill your heart with a love beyond human concept.
It is the Christ-love of God and man.

*Written in 1985 by Paul Troxler (1905-93), Pretoria, South Africa, (an original student of Dr.
MacDonald-Bayne’s lectures). Printed, edited and abridged with permission from Paul’s daughter C.
S. (2007)
*The webmaster Ahimsa for some number of years was in contact with Paul Troxler who most  
kindly  passed on to him a great deal of personal information about Dr Mac,  his work & teachings..
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